Do you want to lose weight? Smile, it will be easier to lose weight

    Do you want to lose weight? Smile, it will be easier to lose weight

    To smile makes you lose weight: confirmation comes from a study conducted by Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee. "The smile is a very powerful tool since instills securityHe explains Claudia Romani, psychotherapist expert in mindfulness: «Thus, in fact, one is led to play down the difficulties and to grasp that joy that makes the diet less heavy. The act of to laughalso, by stimulating the production of endorphins, positively affects willpower and makes them less vulnerable and fragile in the face of temptations, concludes the expert.

    Three exercises to try right away

    1. From day one, change your point of view and, instead of thinking about the countless sacrifices you have to make to lose weight or get angry because breakfast is sad and light, get out of bed with a positive attitude. When you wake up, therefore, before doing anything else, make yourself comfortable and write down all negative thoughts related to diet on a piece of paper but also what you think of yourself with your extra pounds.

    Then, close your eyes and hint a smile. In doing so, try to pay attention to the cheeks rising towards the eyes, the lips that stretch, the eyes that squint and the face that relaxes. Keep the smile and in the meantime, crumple up the paper and throw it away. It is a gesture that allows you to look at the day with new eyes, canceling your inner judge and starting this adventure better.

    2. When preparing meals, bring a breadstick, carrot or strip of celery between your teeth and hold them horizontally without squeezing too much. Notice how the face is hinting a smile that you will keep during the preparation of all the dishes.

    Arrange the food in such a way form a half moon: you will notice that even the dish sketches a smile and it is so contagious to be accepted with good humor to eat that low-calorie meal with pleasure and satisfaction.

    3. Seize a time of day when you are particularly happy for the results obtained. Maybe you wore that pants that no longer fit you or, for several days, you didn't go out of line.

    Capture this moment: take selfies, for example, while you smile proud and proud of yourself. In the most critical moments, when you will be in difficulty, look at these photos carefully and relive the same feeling of joy by saying the phrase: "The smile is my trump card, the good mood who accompanied me in that moment returns to invade me to support me in this day! ». You will see, it will be much easier to keep at bay the temptation to throw yourself on food to console yourself from tensions and difficulties.

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