Five top foods to lose weight

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Among their many properties i fermented foods they also have to help you dispose of some extra pound. With the help of Dr. nutritionist and diet coach, we explain why.

The problem

«In the presence of one unbalanced bacterial flora (“microbiota”) an inflammatory state is established in the intestine which can alter the absorption and metabolism of nutrients, thus paving the way for an increase in weight»Explains our expert.

«Many processes that favor the slimming they happen right at the level of this organ and it is no coincidence that thin people generally have one intestinal microflora richer and more varied than the fat ones ».

The solution

Most fermented products, such as yogurt, kefir and fermented milk, comes from the dairy world. “But there are also foods like sauerkraut, apple cider vinegar or tempeh, made from soybeans.

All contain ferments Probiotics useful for rebalancing the intestinal flora, promoting the proliferation of beneficial strains able to modulate the absorption of nutrients, including sugars and fats, and counteract the growth of harmful bacteria ”, continues our diet coach.

«And remember that the action of probiotics is enhanced by the habitual consumption of foods rich in prebiotics: indigestible fibers of whole grains, vegetables green leaves, onions, apples, bananas, flax seeds and almonds ». 

The top 5 for being lighter

1. Kefir

«It is obtained from the fermentation of milk by the ferments of kefir, ie agglomerates of polysaccharides, bacteria and yeasts that are beneficial for the intestinal tract ”, says the expert.

2. Yogurt

“Contains Lactobacillus bulgaricus, a bacterium capable of producing three active substances against various harmful bacterial species that make us gain weight », assures the nutritionist.

3. Fermented milk probiotic

"The probiotics contained in fermented milk resist the acidity of gastric juices, so they are able to reproduce in the intestine and favor the balance of the flora»Explains Dr. Biale.

4. Sauerkraut

«I am a preparation based on cabbage subjected to natural fermentation for about two months. The process, born as a preservation method, enriches the food with bacterial strains Probiotics», Clarifies our diet coach. 

5. Tempeh

«It is a compact dough, made up of yellow soybeans, cooked and fermented by means of the spores of the Rhizopus oligosporus mushroom, which give the food the ability to colonize the colon with beneficial bacteria, ”observes Samantha Biale.

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