Detox waters: what they are and how they are prepared

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For some time also in The country you can buy waters Detox (or water detox) ready to eat, much appreciated by Hollywood divas for their detoxifying effect.

But the satisfaction, and even the benefits, are much higher if you make them yourself at home: «The detox waters that you find on the market may contain additives such as aromas and dyes. Instead, if you do them, with vegetable fresh, you assure yourself a concentrate of valuable nutrients, among which Vitamins e minerals»Explains the doctor , nutrition biologist in Volterra, Livorno and Turin.

These purifying waters are draining, immunostimulants and, thanks to their tasty flavor, push you to drink more. Furthermore, the fruit and vegetables used to prepare them favor the activity of the excretory organs (kidneys, liver, intestines and skin), which are responsible for eliminating waste substances.

How to prepare a perfect infusion

«Lemon, cucumbers, fennel, mint, ginger, strawberries, kiwi, grapefruit and pineapple are among the most effective vegetables for purifying the body and promoting diuresis.

Then, of course, thewater plays a decisive role in hydrating and ridding the body of toxins. Better also choose untreated vegetables, organic, because the infusion must be made with the whole peel, which is the richest part of nutrients », suggests our expert.

Below you will find ingredients and doses for 3 super effective detox waters, to be prepared following the instructions of our expert: infuse the indicated vegetables cut into pieces in cold water, then cover with a lid or plastic wrap and place in the refrigerator overnight. Then you decide whether to filter or also consume the fruit and vegetables used. Only recommendation: do not add sugar.

Once prepared, the detox water lasts a couple of days. The ideal is to put it in a bottle to take with you and then sip it 3-4 times a day, between meals.

Browse our gallery e choose the mix that's right for you.

Refreshing, thirst-quenching, purifying

Ingredients: 1 liter of still water, 1 cucumber, 1 lemon, 1 piece of ginger root.

Draining and anti-cellulite

Ingredients: 1 liter of still water, 1 grapefruit, 2 slices of pineapple, 10 fresh mint leaves.

Digestive, antioxidant

Ingredients: 1 liter of still water, 1 fennel, 2 not overripe kiwis, 1 lemon, 3 basil leaves.

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