Coral beans: properties, nutritional values, calories

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coral beans they are legumes rich in water, fiber and mineral salts. I am a food pcalorie oco, but rich in nutrients and also contain a particular substance called inosite, with cardiotonic properties. Let's find out better.

> Description of coral beans

> Calories and nutritional values

> Properties and benefits of coral beans

> How coral beans are used

Coral beans: properties, nutritional values, calories



Coral beans description

Coral beans, despite the name, they are not beans but a variety of green beans. Beans and green beans belong to the same plant (Phaseolus vulgaris). The green bean, therefore, is nothing more than the unripe harvested bean, when the pod is very thick and the seeds are absent or just appeared. 

There are legumes in all respects but atypical, Because the edible part is not the seed, just mentioned, but the pod. This particular brings them closer to vegetables, both in general consideration (everyone considers them a vegetable), and for nutritional aspects (they are low calorie), both for the effects on digestion. Unlike beans and other legumes, green beans they do not cause intestinal swellingthey are much more digestible.

Green bean pods are generally colored green, but there are also yellows and violets. The flavor remains more or less the same. With a turgid consistency and elongated, straight or curved shape, they have an intense color, green, yellow or purple depending on the variety. 


Calories and nutritional values ​​of coral beans

Coral beans contain less protein than other legumes, but have a very high amount of water (about 90%). I am rich in fiber (2,9 g), mineral salts (potassium in particular) and vitamin A. They also contain a fair amount of vitamin C. 

100 grams of coral beans contain only 2,4 grams of carbohydrates, 2,1 g of protein and only 18 Kcal.


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Coral beans: properties, nutritional values, calories


Properties and benefits of coral beans

Coral beans are rich in beneficial properties for the body and in particular are a good source of fiber, mineral salts and vitamins. Coral beans are a low calorie food, but rich in nutrients and also contain a particular substance called unusual, with cardiotonic properties

L’inosite it is found in higher concentrations in its filaments, which, especially when they are very consistent, are removed before cooking the vegetable. This type of green bean is recommended in slimming diets, because they provide only 19 calories per 100 g of product. 

Given the large amount of vitamins and mineral salts they contain, corall beans are useful when the body is tired, to recover from a long convalescence and as tonic. Instead, the Vitamin C gives coral beans a protective action against viruses and bacteria.  

Coral beans also have tonic and purifying properties for the liver and pancreas. They are advised, in fact, against the kidney stones and to cleanse the kidneys. It is a good alternative to diuretics in cases of high blood pressure or water retention. 

Coral beans help maintain the balance of blood sugar levels and are therefore useful for those suffering from diabetes.


How coral beans are used

Coral beans can be found on the market both fresh and frozen. It is also possible to find them in jars or in oil.

Fresh beans must be cleaned and the ends removed before being boiled or steamed and consumed seasoned to taste. The frozen ones, on the other hand, are usually ready to be cooked in boiling water or in a pan, while those in a jar or in oil can be eaten at the moment of opening. 

Green beans keep well for a few days in the vegetable drawer of the refrigerator. 


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