Chestnut queen of autumn

Chestnut heart

We now see them popping up here and there, between the corners of the cities, carts with roasted chestnuts. Fragrant, inviting, warm: chestnuts are the queen of autumn and winter too.

Among those who can't do without it and those who just don't want to even smell it, you can't help but talk about the chestnut: rich in fiber, precious minerals, vitamins - A, B vitamins including folic acid, C, D. - it is a fruit of the cold perfect for those who are pregnant, physically and psychologically tired or debilitated or for those who tend to anemia.

So do not miss it on the table in the various variations, especially as an irreplaceable natural supplement for the winter. The only drawback? Their high calorie intake: in 100 grams there are almost 300 calories. Be careful if you are on a diet!


Autumn recipes with chestnuts

Chestnut queen of autumn

In addition to the classic castagnaccio or the original English vegetarian nut roast, chestnuts find space in various preparations and recipes.

Original and inviting is, for example, the Parmesan risotto with chestnuts: iscco the recipe. 

Ingredients for about 4 people

> 8/10 handfuls of Arborio or Carnaroli rice;
> 120 g of peeled boiled chestnuts;
> 1 white or golden onion or a couple of shallots;
> 1 glass of white wine;
> vegetable broth;
> grated Parmesan cheese;
> extra virgin olive oil;
> sale;
> pepe.


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Finely chop the onion or shallot, sauté for a few minutes. Add the hand-chopped chestnuts, the rice and deglaze with the wine. Mix well, letting it fry over high heat for a few minutes.

Then pour in the boiling broth and cook the rice for the indicated time. 3 minutes from the end of cooking, leave the soft rice "on the wave" and stir in extra virgin olive oil and grated Parmesan. Serve with freshly ground pepper and more Parmesan to taste. 

The chestnut it is a fruit that can be done also cook and boil in a pressure cooker; just cut the chestnuts lightly and pour them into a pot covered with water. Close the lid, turn on the flame and calculate 20 minutes of cooking from the whistle. Wait before opening the lid.

Curiosities about chestnuts

The chestnut is called "the bread tree" because it has represented an important source of food supply for entire generations, particularly in times of difficulty. Today there are many festivals and celebrations that pay homage to the chestnut, from October to mid-November there are some scattered throughout the country.

The Roman scholar Varrone recalls that these fruits were sold in the markets of the Via Sacra in Rome and that, like grapes, they were offered as a gift by young lovers to their loved ones.

Reference books: "The chestnut, between traditions, legends and gastronomy" by Andrea Zanfi; “Chestnut heart. The passion for a plant ”by Serena Turrin.


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