Nutrition and longevity: interview with Valter Longo

In Molochio, deep in Aspromonte, Valter longo, biochemist father of the Longevity diet come back often. In these places the researcher, now director of the Longevity Institute of the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, not only has his roots, but studies one of the 5 communities with the highest rate of centenarians in the world.


In these parts, the researcher included by the prestigious Time magazine among the 50 Most Influential People in the World on Health Issues, still has many curiosities and projects. 


One of all, the commitment together with some local realities to repopulate the territory of a variety of majestic olive trees, theoctobratic olive tree, from which we obtain that excellent oil which may have contributed to lengthening the life expectancy of these communities in the Reggio area. 


Scientific research for healthy longevity

The volumes published for Vallardi The diet of longevity and A table with longevity have been published in 20 countries around the world, an unexpected success for a scientific text with a popular character but which well represents aincreasing attention to promoting a long and healthy life.


At the base of the low-calorie dietary protocol proposed by the author - director of the Oncology and Longevity Program of the IFOM Institute in Milan - in fact, there is the will to fight cellular aging, the main cause of the onset of Alzheimer's, some cancers, cardiovascular diseases and type II diabetes. 


The goal, therefore, is to achieve healthy longevity starting with important lifestyle corrections.


However, let us not limit ourselves to believing that it is a question of following a few simple tips of common sense: starting from what we bring to the table we must learn to consider that nutrition is a very powerful tool for prevention and treatment


The Longevity Diet and the Fasting Mimicking Protocol

In a nutshell and according to a partial description, the Longevity Diet is rich in legumes and foods related tovegan or pescetarian diet (fish can be inserted once or twice a week) where carbohydrate intake is reduced to make room for a increased consumption of vegetables, all in compliance with local culinary traditions.


The studies led the researcher to formulate a protocol that fits into a diet of the longevity of short periods of Mima fasting


This particular diet, although accessible to all, must be followed closely supervision by a doctor or nutritionist: lasts 5 days and provides 1150 kcal on the 1st day and approximately 800 kcal from the 2nd to the 5th day and it would be preferable to practice it from 2 to no more than 12 times in 12 months.


The pillars on which the research is based on the longevity diet and the Fasting Mimicking Protocol are 5: study of centenarians; The basic research; theepidemiology; The clinical studies el 'analysis of complex systems to understand the articulated mechanisms of some functions of the human body.  


Not a trendy diet, in conclusion. But a scientific and clinical approach to a conscious diet. The proceeds deriving from the sale of the books and from the supporters of the project, finally, are used by the Valter Longo Foundation to fund new research in collaboration with universities and other research centers in order to identify less expensive and accessible integrative therapies for all. 


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