Cauliflower, its properties for each color

Cauliflower, its properties for each color

What the hell do you want?

There are several types and variety of cauliflower, all very beneficial to health, but each with specific marked properties and more suitable for certain recipes.

Let's see together the characteristics of the classic classic white cauliflower, of the purple cauliflower Violet Queen or violet of Sicily, of the Roman or romanesco cauliflower, of the green cauliflower - for example the green of Macerata and Moncalieri - and finally of the orange cauliflower, nicely called " Cheddar". To each his own!


Anti-inflammatory white cauliflower

Rich in vitamin C, an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, white cauliflower is a perfect one ally of health to fight the ailments of saturation cold.

In addition to keeping heart rate and pressure at bay, white cauliflower stimulates the thyroid and calms ulcerative colitis. A recipe always at the table? The classic pasta with sauce, enriched with the tender milky white inflorescences of this one of the most common cauliflowers, it is fantastic winter first course, try it with a little chilli and a nice grating of hard ricotta at the end. 


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Anti-aging purple cauliflower

The violet cauliflower of Catania is one of the kings and villages of the purple cauliflower, even if in the world there are other varieties, such as the Graffiti cauliflower, the purple Cape or the Violet Queen, grown for example in South Africa; harvested in January, purple cauliflower is small to medium in shape, compact and of a red-wine color, except for the stem and the internal parts which remain white; with a delicate flavor, it is from paler and "softer" taste compared to traditional white cauliflower.

Similar in properties to the latter, it is enriched in more than anthocyanins, carotenoids, potassium and magnesium. Much appreciated raw by vegans and raw foodists, it becomes an original dish if steam cooked and served with green vegetables or sauces, such as peas, broad beans, green beans or broccoli.


Roman anticancer cauliflower

Cabbage, broccoli or Roman or Romanesco cauliflower is a real one fractal in the kitchen: with an intriguing geometric aspect, it also has fantastic properties for the organism. Antianemic, it is a good source of Vitamin A and Vitamin B. The presence of antiocyanates, substances from anticancer properties.

Pies, soups, soups and delicate pastas, Roman cauliflower offers inviting, tasty and highly beneficial dishes. Try the velvety soup with Romanesco cauliflower florets. 


The story of the orange cauliflower 

Risen to the headlines as real anti-aging, the orange cauliflower actually contains a higher level of beta-carotene, which means, from a nutritional point of view, a greater supply of vitamin A. The orange cauliflower was first discovered in a white cauliflower field in Canada about XNUMX years ago, derived from a genetic mutation (Cornell University - The Plant Cell).

Baked Orange Cauliflower is a simple and tasty recipe, just blanch the florets for a few minutes, place them drained in a baking dish and sprinkle them with grated bread, grated Parmesan cheese (or similar), pepper and a few flakes of almond to taste. Activate the grill for a few minutes and then serve hot. 


Anti-anemic green cauliflower

Full of chlorophyll, green cauliflower or cimone is the "green" cousin of white cabbage. Like the latter, it is rich in precious nutrients, including minerals, folic acid, vitamin C; the chlorophyll that gives it its green color promotes the production of hemoglobin e can help in the treatment of anemia.

Fresh and tender, it can be eaten raw, cut into very thin slices and marinated, or steamed al dente and then "grained" to make a vegan couscous of cauliflower, together with other vegetables. The green varieties of Moncalieri and Macerata are known.


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