Bones: the diet to protect them

Calcium is the most abundant mineral in our body. We have about 1 kilo, 99% concentrated in bones And in the  teeth. The daily requirement is 1000 mg and rises to 1200 mg in pregnancy and after 60 years.

"To avoid having deficiencies (and thus expose yourself to the risk of fractures) you have to put the right foods in the menu, but without upsetting the pattern of ours Free Diet»Reassures Camilla Zambelli, dietician and pharmacist. 

«Just pay attention to the consumption of milk, yogurt and cheeses, which are the richest foods in calcium. And don't overlook the plant sources of this precious mineral, like legumes, dried fruit, oil seeds and green vegetables in general". An excess of animal proteins can in fact favor demineralization.

“Finally, don't forget to export to the sun»Advises Dr. Carla Lertola, a dietician. “The rays stimulate the production of vitamin D, which serves to fix calcium in the bones ».

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