Alkaline ionized water: how good is it?

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That man is alkaline chemistry says it. We weren't born to acidify. Many foods acidify the body and generate osteoporosis and many disorders to the various systems, digestive, respiratory and above all cardio-circulatory. The firm will should be that of keep the pH alkaline.  

For example, the lakes of the Pakistani Himalayas, the Rift Valley and Bulgaria are characterized by Extraordinarily high pH (9 - 10).


What is Ionized Alkaline Water

L'alkaline ionized water it should be similar to that of the source, has a slightly sweet taste and does not contain heavy metals, pesticides-insecticides and hormones or similar products. Taking this water counteracts the hyperacidity of the tissue and balances the acid-base balance of the body. The ionized alkaline water on the market has an alkaline PH value that is around 7.

Contains minerals that make it antioxidant and detoxifying: it stimulates the metabolism and promotes the elimination of acid waste. Among the benefits are listed those in reference to degenerative diseases such as osteoporosis, infectious diseases, pathological conditions that oscillate between diarrhea and constipation, gastritis, kidney stones.


How much water to drink per day?


Where is it on the market  

There are various systems on the market. On the market there are jugs or stainless steel bottles Equipped with filters within them they function as "alkalizing machines". It is true, however, that the filters should be replaced regularly, otherwise the water undergoes changes over time.

Safer and more widespread it seems to be ionizer. The ionization carried out with the current technology produces water clusters much smaller than any other drinking water available, allowing a faster penetration into the cell. This is connected to the tap and splits the molecule into ions. The water is filtered and divided into two parts: the alkaline one rich in OH- ions and the one rich in H + ions.

They exist on the market mini-ionizers for travel, ionizers with 5 or 9 electrodes, cartridges for purifiers.

There are also some in the pharmacy liquid alkalinizers in drops.


Controversy surrounding alkaline ionized water 

The cost of the ionizer is around 1600-1800 euro, not a little. The price of the aforementioned filters is about 40 €. The greatest number of controversies revolve around the cost of these tools, to which is added the doubt about the real ability to lower acidity in the human body. The real doubters speak of a real "hoax" that lies behind the theory of water that alkalizes the body, a real "scam of alkaline water sold for its weight in gold" as he declares Dario Bressanini in an interesting article appeared on the blog of The sciences, in which he also quotes Salvo di Grazia and his text entitled "Health and lies".

In this text, Bressanini dispels the myth of the alkaline diet, clarifying how complex the internal system of the body is and how numerous are the small variations inside our organism, or rather the "pH adjustments" that occur continuously while we breathe. 

We also wanted to take into consideration the opinion of Valdo Vaccaro on ionized water. In his rich blog he reports the observations of Dr. Mercola, famous American doctor of Integrated and Alternative Medicine, in dialogue with Houston Tomasz, a well-known water filtration expert. The former asked for an opinion on the increasing use of alkaline water. Tomasz replied that there are several potential problems with alkaline water.

Vaccaro highlights many interesting points that emerge from the dialogue between the two scholars in question. First, it might be worth mentioning that in the United States ionizers and alkalizers are marketed by MLN (Multi-level Marketing), a company with a rather questionable ethics.

Secondly, the benefits described by some consumers may be pure suggestions given by purely temporary effects: "Some people experience an apparent first result when they start drinking alkaline water. This can easily be attributed to detoxification, and the fact that they can just become more hydrated. Detoxification is the only benefit of alkaline water, and is limited to very short term and use (no more than one or two weeks)."

Finally, it appears that many consumers experience stomach dysfunctions such as gastroesophageal reflux disease or ulcers which are largely linked to stomach hyperacidity. Vaccaro continues: "Long-term use of alkaline ionized water can interfere with the body's natural digestive process, reducing the hydrochloric acidity necessary to break down foods and make them absorbable. Which could hold surprises regarding the bacterial balance, leading to parasitic infections, candida, nematodes, etc., as well as malabsorption and ulcers. " 


So what water to drink?


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