Advanced Sodi Glute Workout - 10 Home Exercises for Experts

Main Muscles Affected

  • Legs
  • Buttocks

Workout Difficulty

Very difficult

Advanced buttocks-Sodi workout - Workout -

Having firm and high buttocks is the dream of all women; even if it is not possible to change one's bone structure (genetics), much can be done from a muscular point of view. In the advanced glute-up workout, I have included several exercises that will help you achieve excellent results on your lower back. Of course, knowing which exercises are best is not enough; only the correctness of the execution, the intensity and the determination that you will give in carrying out the workout will make the workout effective. This workout involves the use of an interval timer, programmed with 30 ”of training and 10” of rest. This will allow you to give your best for each exercise in 30 ". If the first time in 30 ”you will perform a few repetitions, do not be discouraged because with the training you will become faster and faster; the important thing is not to stop during the 30 '' of work. If after the first round you are feeling very fatigued, do just two, then increase to three the next time or when you feel ready. The advanced glutei-up workout has a high work intensity, suitable for those who want to challenge themselves in an intended way and for those who have already acquired a motor movement pattern of the exercises (the exercises must be performed one after the other with a rest of only 10 "). For targeted results, perform three rounds of this workout three times a week and one round every day. As for the equipment, use the loads you think necessary, but do not overdo it. The buttocks workout is closed with an exercise to tone the abdomen and with a stretching exercise to reduce the fatigue of the trained muscles.


  • Equipment: fitball, dumbbell, barbell, common ball or kettlebell ball
  • 3 rounds - 40 '' to 60 '' recovery between rounds
  • 9 exercises to tone the buttocks - 30 "work 10" recovery
  • 1 exercise to tone the abdomen - 30 "work 10" recovery
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