A new generation of natural supplements to control weight

Some promise to keep our appetite under control, others to make us burn more energy: there are different types of natural supplements to control weight.


Over the years we have seen more than one proposed, not all equally effective and not all with the same safety profile.


Today the market is enriched with new proposals - a new generation of weight control products based on patented 100% natural and clinically tested extracts - which eliminate the incompatibilities and unwanted side effects of the supplements that have filled the shelves in the past decades.


What is it about? What are their advantages over previous generation products?


A new way to act on the sense of hunger

A first type of "modern" supplements for weight control aims at control the sense of hunger in a different way than the old products proposed to keep the appetite at bay, exploiting the properties of saffron.


In fact, the stigmas of saffron contain saffron, crocina e picrocrocin, substances that acting synergistically reduce nervous hunger, compulsive behaviors towards food and the desire for sugars, promote the sense of satiety and regulate the metabolism of sugars and fats.


Currently, a patented saffron extract (SATIEREAL®) is available, which contains all 3 of these molecules in ideal proportions, whose effectiveness in terms of slimming (with loss of fat mass) has been confirmed by clinical studies.


In addition, saffron has a calming action on the nervous system, avoiding the negative effects of traditional caffeine-based nerve ingredients (guarana, cola, mate).


But the ingredients that can help control the sense of hunger are also others, such as pomegranate, strong point of the innovative patent DERMOGRANATE®.


Fighting the absorption and storage of fats

L'Pomegranate extract it can also be useful for reducing the storage of fat in adipose tissue, as it reduces the tendency of adipocytes to store fat.


Other substances directly active on pancreatic lipase, an enzyme that facilitates the assimilation of fats, are the catechins of Cassia nomame, another ingredient in next generation weight balance supplements.


Extracts of blood orange, green tea and anthocyanins from black rice instead, they have been associated with the reduction in the development of new adipocytes, the cells where excess fats are deposited.


Also in this case, the potential of the new supplements for weight control is supported by scientific research.


Support for circulation

Another aspect on which these new supplements act is the functionality of the blood microcirculation, which binds to excess weight through the well known and much hated cellulitis.


At the base of this unsightly problem are theinflammation of connective tissues and water retention. Active ingredients such as bromelain, contained in the stalk of Pineapple, exercise at the same time draining and anti-inflammatory effects, while vitamin C (present both in the pineapple stalk both inblood orange) and the anthocyanins present in black rice promote the synthesis of collagen, supporting scaffold of connective tissues.


Black rice, blood orange and pineapple stem are ingredients of SelectSIEVE® Rainbow, another innovative patent for weight balance. Its fourth ingredient is kiwi, which in addition to providing an additional dose of vitamin C can promote the digestion of proteins, reduce postprandial swelling and the removal of toxins.


Action on risk factors

The new generation of natural supplements to control weight also brings with it another advantage: theaction on cardio-metabolic risk factors associated with overweight.


In fact, excess weight itself is a risk factor for cardiovascular health. At the base of this characteristic there is inflammation associated with the accumulation of fat mass.


To this inflammation are added other cardiovascular risk factors often associated with overweight, such as alterations in blood glucose and cholesterol.


The new natural active ingredients for weight control are able to have a positive effect on theinflammation, on the glycemia cholesterol.


In particular, the pomegranate it is recommended for its anti-inflammatory properties and its ability to improve the sensitivity of insulin (the hormone that controls blood sugar).


Lo saffroninstead, it has been associated with improvements in cholesterol levels.


Lose weight without risk

Finally, among the advantages of these new formulations, theabsence of possible side effects compared to the ingredients of supplements widely used in the past years.


In particular, the action on the nervous system and the cardio-circulatory system typical of caffeine or other nerve substances, such as guarana, is less, at the risk of sleep disturbances, states of agitation, palpitations and sudden changes in blood pressure.


Furthermore not acting on the thyroid, like iodine and seaweeds of marine origin, do not jeopardize the proper functioning of this gland, which is responsible for the hormonal balance of the whole organism.


Lastly, they do not alter the balance of the flora and intestinal mucosa how can laxatives (often used in older generation supplements), especially if taken long-term. Indeed, ingredients such as kiwifruit can promote its good functioning, with all the positive effects that this effect can have on the health of the whole organism.


SelectSIEVE® Rainbow is a trademark of Roelmi HPC

SATIEREAL® is a trademark of Inoreal



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