Edible flowers, list and properties

Floral centerpieces on the dining table are a classic tradition as well
timeless, but sometimes even flowers can appear on your tables
prepared as a dish. THE edible flowers they are used in many different styles of cooking and can be found on menus around the world.


1. Characteristics of edible flowers
2. The edible flower hibiscus
3. The edible flower dandelions
4. Lavender edible flower
5. The edible flower nasturtium


Characteristics of edible flowers 

Edible flowers improve the appearance, taste and aesthetic value of food, aspects that consumers appreciate, justifying the growing trend of high quality fresh flower sales around the world. 


However, consumers also demand foods with beneficial properties on health, in addition to the nutrients contained in them, in search of functional qualities such as antioxidant and antimicrobial properties. 


The edible flower hibiscus

Plants of ibisco produce large ornate flowers which they usually grow in tropical and subtropical climates of all the world. There are hundreds of species of hibiscus, but the most popular edible variety is known as rosella or Hibiscus sabdariffa. 


Hibiscus flowers can grow up to 15 inches in diameter and come in a wide range of colors, including red, white, yellow, and various shades of pink. While it is cultivated for strictly ornamental purposes,
biscus is also known for its culinary and medicinal applications. It is possible to eat the flower directly from the plant, but the most common use is for tea, condiments, jams or salads. 


Many cultures drink the hibiscus tea for its medicinal properties. Some studies indicate that hibiscus can ahelp reduce blood pressure and cholesterol levels, although more research is needed to better understand how hibiscus can support heart health. 


Dandelions edible flowers

I dandelions they have small flowers - about 2 cm in diameter - with many small bright yellow petals. They provide various plant compounds known to have potent antioxidant properties. Interestingly, the flowers aren't the only part of the dandelion that can be eaten. 


In fact, every part of this so-called herb can be tasted - including its roots, stems and leaves. There are endless options for eating dandelion - the flowers can be eaten raw, alone or in a salad. 


They can be breaded and fried or used to make jelly and wine. The roots are often soaked for making tea, while vegetables can be eaten raw as a salad or as a sandwich topping. 


They can also be cooked in stews, casseroles or any other dish that requires abundant vegetables. 


Lavender edible flower

La lavender essence  is a woody and floral herb originally grown in parts of northern Africa and the Mediterranean. The purple flowers are very small but abundant. 


Lavender is probably best known for its distinctive fragrance, which is acclaimed for its calming effects. The combination of color and aroma makes lavender aparticularly desirable addition to a variety of foods, including baked goods, infused syrups, liqueurs, herbal teas, dry spice rubs, and herbal blends. 


Its flavor it goes well with both sweet and savory ingredients, including citrus, berries, rosemary, sage, thyme and chocolate. 


The edible flower nasturtium

Nasturtium is an edible flower widely used in the culinary field because of its brightly colored flowers and with a unique and savory flavor. Both the leaves and the nasturtium flowers are edible and can be enjoyed cooked or raw. 


They present a peppery aromatic profile and slightly spicy, although the flowers themselves have a milder flavor than the leaves. The funnel-shaped flowers are typically bright orange, red, or yellow.


They constitute a pleasant side dish for cakes, pastries and salads. Nasturtium is not only a versatile and captivating ingredient, but also nutritious - containing a variety of minerals and healthful compounds with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects.


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