A Japanese artist draws those emotions that we all felt but were unable to express in words

There have been emotional states that completely overwhelm us. There are times when we experience such intense emotions that it is very difficult to put them into words, because whatever we say is simply an euphemism, it means not being up to the immeasurable emotion we are feeling. Writer Julio Cortázar sums it up perfectly: " words are never enough when what has to be said overflows the soul ”. In this regard, this Japanese artist ア ボ ガ ド 6Avogado6 helps us to express ourselves through his illustrations, he has drawn many of those emotions and sensations that we have all experienced on some occasion but for which there is no adequate word that defines them. When you feel like you've run out of batteries, you literally can't take it anymore, and you absolutely need to recharge.

2. When you try to keep something that belongs to the past, you feel that it escapes you in the maze of memory, but you want to cling to it at all costs.

3. Those moments when the world around you seems too noisy and you just want a little silence to find yourself.

4. That feeling of extreme tiredness where you cut with everything, you completely disconnect and collapse because you no longer have the strength to continue.

5. That feeling of extreme fragility, as if you feel that you are about to break into thousands of pieces and, even so, you feel that you can not do anything.

6. That intense desire to stop time when a loved one leaves us, but knowing that it is impossible and that it happens to everyone, as if it were a sentence.

7. When you feel trapped, you don't know what decision to make and it seems like any path is undermined, so you just want to curl up where you are, without moving.

8. When you've been hurt so deeply that you promise yourself you'll never love like this again.

9. Those moments when you are fully aware that the people who are by your side and whom you love, will one day be gone.

10. When relationships with others overwhelm you and you simply can't do more, so their words literally slip over you.

11. When you feel that the psychological forces are not supporting you and the slightest idea of ​​doing something generates apathy and laziness.

12. When you tell someone you're okay, while trying to fake a smile, when you are actually falling apart inside.

13. The moment when your gaze meets that of a perfect stranger but you feel a special connection that stays in your memory for the rest of the week.

14. When you feel that the work is absorbing your life, literally, and you do not find the meaning.

15. When you know that love is hurting you, but still, you love the other person so much that you submit pleasantly.

16. When you feel that you are extremely touchy and you wonder how it is possible that others do not bother those things that drive you crazy.

17. That feeling where nothing, absolutely nothing, of what is happening around you is important to you because you are just too sad, too empty.

18. When you feel that others are absorbing your energy, they are simply emptying you.

19. That terrible feeling that sickness has caught on you and, no matter how hard you try, you can't get rid of it.

20. That little place where you feel so safe, so isolated from the world, where sometimes you would like to stay forever imagining that everything is fine.

If you wish, you can find a list of emotions and feelings here.
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