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    5 ideas to be emotionally in harmony with your partner

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    When we start a relationship everything goes smoothly, but then, with the passage of time after a long coexistence, problems arrive. If we are not careful, we will begin to distance ourselves more every day and soon we will realize that there are more things that separate us than what unite us.

    This happens because, unconsciously, we assume that the other person will always be there with us, that once we have conquered them, they are ours. But the truth is that a relationship is something that needs to be nurtured every day and, if we don't, we risk moving away emotionally and becoming two strangers. The good news is that there are some little things that can help us tune into our partner, keeping us together like it's always the first day. Which ones are they?

    1. Doing things together

    It may seem trivial, but the truth is that most couples who turn to psychologists for help have followed a common path that has brought them to the breaking point: They have stopped doing things together. Everyone immersed himself in his work and in his circle of friends, leaving less and less space for the other. As a result, they barely share a series of family habits, but have stopped enjoying the truly rewarding activities they did together.

    Therefore, it is essential to do things together to keep the couple relationship alive, and I am not referring to a trip or dinner, but to make small changes to the daily routine to include each other. The key is to return to rediscover the pleasure of engaging in activities done together, sharing the space and the emotions of being fully present for each other.

    1. Encourage physical contact

    Most people do not notice this because it is a gradual change, but as time goes by in the couple, physical contact decreases. I don't mean sex, but just being close to each other. In fact, we must remember that hugs, caresses, cuddles or simply being close makes us happy, so that we should never refrain from showing love through these little attitudes. Touch is one of the most primitive and visceral ways of getting to know someone and is fundamental in a couple's relationship.

    1. Consider the details

    There are people who are more romantic than others, but paying attention to detail has nothing to do with romance, but it means being attentive to the needs of the couple. Ask him often how he feels, help the other solve his problems (even if they seem unimportant), you can also surprise the other with details that make him happy. They are all ways to communicate our love and maintain an emotional connection.

    4 Sharing the same interests

    Every person is different and it is inevitable that some of the things your partner likes will not interest you. However, if you know that a particular passion is important to him or her, you can show a little interest from time to time. It's not about pretending, but rather understanding his passion and letting him know that you care about what he does. This will increase your level of intimacy and compromise, help bring you closer and strengthen your bond. Of course, your partner must also be willing to do the same for you.

    1. Make it / make her laugh


    Laughing promotes the release of endorphins, hormones that act as a natural calming agent, promoting a pleasant state of relaxation and tranquility. Also, through laughter we tune in to the other, capture their attention and make this person enjoy being around us. In fact, if we look behind us, we will notice that at the beginning of the relationship we laughed a lot more together, which means that we both enjoyed being together a lot and that we tried harder to make each other happy. Therefore, it is important to keep that spirit.

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