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Improve communication with partner

Do you want to improve communication with your partner? In the following lines you will find some tips to strengthen this important aspect of the relationship.

Last update: May 01, 2022

Communication is one of the most important aspects of the couple and indicates the levels of satisfaction with the relationship. Striving to improve communication with your partner is a guarantee of a satisfying relationship, while bad communication will declare the couple's failure not too far away.

The content of the communication is as important as the way it is transmitted and the context in which it is transmitted. It is not the same as saying a "fool" with an angry face and shouting instead of with a seductive look and a whisper. On the other hand, it's not the same as saying "You're a mess!" rather than "Honey, again, be more careful".

It is important to take into account some fundamental aspects when communicating with your partner. Taking certain details into consideration helps improve communication.

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1. Don't be presumptuous

We have a bad habit of being convinced of what the person we are interacting with thinks and feels. It's really like this? Even after so many years together it is impossible to read your partner's mind.

The ideal, on the other hand, is to ask if you have understood correctly when you have doubts or the message that has arrived is strange. Taking for granted often causes misunderstanding of side effects.

2. Improve communication with partner: don't interpret

The interpretations are subjective and are colored by the meaning we give them, as they are based on personal beliefs and emotions.

When the partner talks to us, we need to make sure we understand his point of view instead of adding our own version to his message. Yet once the best option in these cases is to ask to avoid misunderstandings.

3. Don't listen

It is common to speak without listening, even though you are thinking of doing so. Similarly, we tend to think about what we will say while the other person is talking.

This habit does not allow us to grasp the message that should come to us, moreover when the other person realizes it, he will not feel understood and will think he has only lost time. Active listening is a useful resource for improving communication with your partner.

4. Don't talk about the past

What happened in the past must not invade the present moment. Remembering your partner's past mistakes will only aggravate the discussion.

It is necessary to distinguish between the cause of the present quarrel and outstanding issues that can be addressed at another time.

5. Take a break to improve communication with your partner

If we're angry or stressed, let's stop. Let us ask ourselves what evidence we have that shows that what we think is true. A short tempered mood will hinder communication.

Better to take a break, relax, and start talking when you are calmer. In this way, misunderstandings and conflicts that could harm the relationship are avoided.

6. Remember the purpose of the dialogue

Sometimes when we fight or talk to someone, we lose the message we wanted to convey. Providing details is useful, but better to avoid many turns of words that make you losel thread of speech.

It is advisable to be clear, linear when communicating with the partner so as not to get lost in absurd digressions or little relevant to the main topic.

7. Improve communication with partner with empathy

Being empathetic means putting yourself in the other's shoes, taking them into account and understanding them. In a relationship it is a fundamental aspect because it allows us to take into consideration the partner's needs and points of view, in addition to our own, on any topic.

8. Don't take it personally

What happens if the partner tells us something we don't like or expresses his or her thoughts but this disagrees with ours? Taking your partner's words personally is not the best thing to do.

Just as the other person must not do when we express a negative judgment about a given conduct or way of doing; the subject of the conversation is not the person, but the specific behavior or aspect that bothers you.

9. Know when and where to communicate

Not all places or times are ideal for talking about certain topics. To improve communication with the partner, it is important to analyze what you want to say and when will be the best time to do it.

10. Have good intentions to communicate with your partner

The last ingredient and probably the most important: intentions. When we talk to the partner, let's do it with the intention of building, wishing that when we finish talking we will both feel heartened.

It is useless to hurt, nothing is achieved. Let's forget about resentment and bad intentions, if we are angry we take a break and postpone the confrontation for another time. We do not cloud good intentions with resentment, pride or unreason; instead we spread well-being, growth and serenity.

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