He left me for someone else, what should I do? 12 tips to win him back

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He left me for another, will he come back? What should I do? How to win back an ex who is with another?

If he is with another girl he met after your relationship ended, or even worse if he has you left for another, I guess this is one of the hardest times ever for you to go through.

Some say that being left by the person you love can be too worse than physical pain, and more difficult to cure. When the ex leaves you for someone else, the situation is even darker.

I know how you feel…

Despite the pain, however, it is possible (with the right strategy and the right techniques) to return to feel good about ourselves, take back our life, and even win back the ex partner, if that's really what we want.

He left me for another, will he come back?

Aside from the test, you still have to keep in mind the fact that a guy generally always tends to come back sooner or later, especially if the relationship with you has left deep roots in his life.

If you can stay calm and follow the tips I'm about to give you, even in the most desperate of situations you may be able to crawl back to you.

In fact, it's possible that your ex just let himself be seduced by a new girlfriend. Novelty always attracts. But when the initial excitement is over and everyday life takes over, he will begin to discover the flaws of this person, and to miss you.

If he has someone else should I just forget him?

A girl recently emailed me:

“My boyfriend left me for someone else, but I know it's mostly my fault. My oppressive behaviors, my acidity and my lack of confidence drove him away, until he threw himself into another girl's arms. But now I want to fix it and figure out how to get it back. I know it's worth it. Help me please!"

A very important question that you must ask yourself is this: is it worth it?

It's entirely possible to get a guy back, even if he's got another guy right now. However, you will need to be ready to strategize, be patient, and strike only at the right time.

It can definitely be worth it if you feel that he is the man of your life, you have spent wonderful months or years together, and you feel that you could still give him so much of your love.

But if he disrespected you, or even yours was a toxic relationship that caused you more pain than joy, your best bet may be to forget your ex altogether and move on with your life.

I assure you that you will learn to feel good even without him, and you will be able to find better partners in the future, also thanks to what you have learned from the end of this relationship. In hindsight you will understand that you did the right choice.

After all, you are you and only you to know if he's the man of your life, and if it's worth a try to win him back.

How to win back a busy ex boyfriend

We are ready to see how to win back an ex who has another. The 12 tips I'm about to present to you will help you gradually regain control of the situation, and increase the level of interest your ex feels in you more and more. Let's begin!

1. Stop chasing him

Don't run after him for any reason in the world! Avoid bombarding him with messages, don't ask him to see you, don't be pressing and don't stalk him on social networks or live!

In short, don't chase him! You would just drive him further away!

2. Don't show your negative emotions

Even if you are furious, disappointed, sad, broken and destabilized, you don't have to let all this leak out in front of your ex.

Each time he feels a negative emotion from you such as resentment, anger or disappointment he gains more power towards you and gets closer and closer to the new person moving away from you.

If, on the other hand, you take away his power by not showing yourself negatively conditioned by the situation, and showing that you are well, you destabilize him and bring him back to you. Indifference is the key.

3. Try not to be jealous

Your ex's new girlfriend is your antagonist, but you have to manage not to see her as one. If you stand up to her by showing him and yourself that you fear her confrontation, you lose important points in her eyes.

If your ex realizes that you are competing with his new girlfriend, you are jealous and you absolutely don't want to see them together, he feels like he has immense power over you.

Take this power away from him telling him "well ... yes, actually he could be the right person for you".

By pushing him towards her, and not considering this new girl as a threat, you regain your dignity in his eyes, intrigue his rational side and excite the emotional one. It is a powerful reverse psychology technique.

4. Implement the no contact rule

Not only if he has someone else, but in general in most cases where he is broken up, a very good strategy to adopt is the so-called no contact principle. of relationship and correspondence with the boy who left you.

It is not a question of severing relationships in a clear and blatant way, blocking him on social networks or insulting him. It is simply a matter of disappearing for a while, going out of the picture in an elegant way and without making a noise. Below is a list of the main benefits of the no-contact period:

  • You overcome the phase of strong irrationality and emotionality after the breakup, and you get a calmer, calmer state of mind that will allow you to be more effective when you talk to it again.
  • You give him a way to miss you for a while, then put him in a much more receptive state towards you
  • You have time to work on yourself and get a better idea of ​​why your story ended
  • You have time to come up with a solid recapture plan

Attention, the no contact period is not my idea! Know that several psychological researches have confirmed the effectiveness of this strategy. If you give time and space to the person who broke up with you, your chances of winning back are enormously increased!

5. Analyze the reasons for the end of your story

Take this time to thoroughly analyze why your story ended.

Don't blame it all on him, but question yourself and take yourself your responsibilities: you sure have some. Understand what you can improve and start doing it right away, for yourself, for your future relationships, and also for him if he decides to come back.

6. Improve your physical appearance

Start working on your physical appearance, improving and renewing it. You may be in good shape already, but there is always room for improvement. Even the smallest change after a month or two it could hit him and make a difference. Therefore:

  • Join the gym
  • Change something about your style and hairstyle
  • Do whatever it takes to get hotter!

7. If he has another one, don't think about it and enjoy!

Recover or intensify the relationship with your friends, make new friends (even males), go out and have fun!

At first it may seem very difficult because you will just want to stay home and feel sorry for yourself, but first you will be able to insert into your life new stimuli, the sooner you will regain your identity and your serenity.

Another very important thing: do not use your friends to let off steam and complain by repeating a thousand times phrases like "he left me for someone else and I'm furious!", Or "he left me for someone else, what's not goes in me? ".

Your friends love you and will be patient, but rather try to use your time with them to have good experiences together.

8. Make progress in your life

In addition to distractions, try to bring improvement and progress in your life.

Focus on your career, or on another goal that is important to you, that your ex has nothing to do with.

Learn a new discipline, read a book on a new topic, or start a journey of personal growth.

9. Enter a potential rival for him too

There is no point in looking for a new boyfriend at this stage, and there is also no reason to fool someone just to make your ex jealous.

But you know? It takes very little to give suspicious signals and make something understood lightly. Let your ex know that you have a new friend that you particularly care about, or that you may be dating a new person.

Making your ex slightly jealous will help you achieve your goals much faster and more effectively. Read this article to learn more.

10. Re-open the contacts lightly

During the period of no contact it is already likely that he will contact you to find out how you are, perhaps out of kindness, perhaps because he already regrets having left you.

If he hasn't, it's time to send him a friendly message to reopen the conversation, test the territory, and start building a casual and light relationship with him again.

11. Use the push and pull technique

If it's okay for him to stay in touch with you even if he has someone else, use this to seduce him with the push and pull technique. What is push and pull?

It consists of an alternation of attitudes that communicate interest to man and then immediately after disinterest, like the give him attention and then take it off, be seen close and then walk away. Here are some examples:

  • Write to him often first, but don't reply to all of his messages
  • Give him some stimuli, seduce him and then disappear

12. Give the coup de grace at the right time

Sooner or later it will happen… your ex's new relationship will have a small or big moment of crisis. This is the right time to hit, meet him and bring it back to you.

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