Repentance the next day

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Repentance the next day

Repenting of sexual intercourse the day before depends on many factors. One night's passion is common and is experienced by those who are often addicted to casual sex.

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Last update: 15 November 2022

"How could that happen? It shouldn't have happened, what a disaster, what a shame! Better to cancel her number and not go to that place anymore ”. The next day's repentance occurs when we regret having had sexual intercourse with a particular person. This situation often affects those who have casual sex.

It may be that more than one person, looking back and thinking about their casual encounters or past relationships, experiences this feeling; in addition to annoyance, inability to understand, repulsion and even shame. It is not a pleasant experience; yet, the research we are about to analyze tells us that this feeling generally vanishes within a few days.

We tend to regret spending time and effort on relationships that end badly more than one night in particular with someone whose face begins to fade into our memory, day after day.

Still, it's interesting to know that men and women experience these intimate relationships very differently. Let's deepen the topic.

According to science, women tend to repent of certain sexual encounters. Likewise, men complain that they have missed opportunities.

The next day's repentance and casual sex: a close bond

Repenting of what happened can be a very complex experience to deal with. When the meeting takes place freely and is consensual, repentance often occurs only at a later time.

One night stand escapades are a reality, as are bad choices and the unfortunate match given by dating apps. And decisions made under the influence of alcohol are often the order of the day.

Well, it is important to underline that these experiences are lived above all by those who usually have occasional encounters, those in which one is not always looking for a stable and official relationship. Let's see what are the main causes behind this repentance.

It didn't have to happen because ...

One of the first causes of repenting the next day is simply the fact that you have cheated on your partner.

Betraying those who are affectionately linked to us due to an occasional relationship with a person known or not is the most classic of reasons.

The second reason is that the sexual experience was not satisfying. It can happen, in fact, to feel attracted to someone, but once the experience is over, you are the victim of an anecdote that you would like to forget.

The Norwegian University of Science and Technology conducted a study on sexual repentance, in which an interesting aspect was highlighted. It is women who most often regret certain occasional encounters. Generally, they are more selective in choosing their sexual partners.

As for men, on the other hand, they usually regret having missed an opportunity. That is, more than the experience itself, they complain that they did not persevere with some women they felt attracted to. Repentance from inaction, therefore, is common for the male sex.

The next day's repentance and evolutionary psychology

Evolutionary psychology has been studying sexual behavior for decades, in order to understand what motivates our decisions and our repentance in this area. It must be said, this is true, that when the term "evolutionary" is mentioned, the theories associated with it are not without controversy.

In 2012, the Faculty of Psychology at the University of California conducted a study in which an explanation of the repentance the next day was proposed.

First of all, women experience this feeling more intensely following their casual encounters because from an evolutionary point of view they need to be more selective in choosing a partner. Reproductive success, in fact, depends on wise choices.

As for the men, from their point of view "The more sex they have, the better." That's why they regret losing opportunities or being too shy. As we can imagine, not everyone agrees with this point of view.

Socio-sexual orientation and personality: the main knots of repentance

In a society defined by sexual freedom, the evolutionary aspect merges with the sociological and even with the technological one. Nowadays it is easier than ever to have a sexual partner whenever you want and new technologies increase these opportunities.

Casual sex is common among both men and women, but repenting of certain experiences depends in particular on two factors:

  • If you want to find a steady partner, these casual encounters will most likely be frustrating.
  • Personality affects repentance. People who are insecure, very anxious, or demanding a lot tend to constantly complain about certain experiences.


In conclusion, even if we have certainly all lived these experiences firsthand, it is important that they serve as a lesson.

Repentance is a useful emotion: encourages us to learn from the experience and to decide what we want not to happen again. This is the secret.

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