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    Disappear to crawl back: follow this strategy!

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    How to get a man back to you? Is disappearing to make him come back a strategy that works? How to make him crawl back?

    If your ex broke up with you, or the guy you were dating suddenly decided to end your dating, you're sure to face a period. emotionally very difficult, and I understand you well.

    You may also be asking yourself several questions regarding the behavior you should adopt following your breakup, such as: is it useful to disappear to make him come back?

    The short answer is Yes, but with a series of precautions.

    We will see everything in the article, in which I will explain how to bring back a man who left you, thanks to a very specific method and a bit of reverse psychology.

    Disappearing to make him come back: psychology

    As I have already explained in this article, a fundamental element that determines how much someone attaches to you and engages in your relationship, is the level of control he feels he has over you.

    High level of control = low involvement.

    Low level of control = high involvement.

    I'll give you an example to make you understand better what I mean ...

    Marco and Francesca know each other, they start dating and after a while they get together. He is a quiet type and rarely goes out of the house, while she likes to go dancing twice a week with her friends and her friends.

    Marco sees that Francesca it is very elusive, therefore, he feels he has very little control over him: he fears that she may betray him, fall in love with one of his friends and decide to leave him. For this reason Marco binds himself deeply to Francesca, and he feels himself more involved every day in the relationship with her.

    Francesca, on the other hand, feels herself in control of the situation: she is not afraid that Marco may know another, betray her or leave her; therefore automatically his level of involvement remains quite low, and he is unable to fully bond with Marco.

    Seeing him more and more involved every day, you can also feel more and more in control, and one day she decides to leave him because she no longer feels the urge to continue being in a relationship with him.

    Let's get one thing clear right away: Francesca is not bad. Simply this is how human psychology works within relationships.

    Furthermore, I absolutely do not want to say that this is the only factor that determines the involvement or the feeling of falling in love between two people, but we must take note that it is a dynamic that has a great influence.

    Disappear to make him come back

    Now I propose to you two basic steps to follow, to regain control of the situation.

    1. Analyze the last few months of your relationship with your ex. Do you think you have given him too much certainty and too much control? On the other hand, have you felt for some reason that you have a low level of control within your relationship, which has led you to involve yourself more than him? If the answer is yes, you've just found out why your story ended. Think about how you could have handled it differently, and how you will handle it if you have a second chance with him.

    2. Use this dynamic in your favor: even if he broke up with you, show him that he no longer has control over you by applying the strategy of disappear to make him crawl back.

    Let's take a closer look at the critical issues and other advantages related to the use of this strategy.

    Disappearing to make him come back is one very effective reconquest strategy, because as I have already explained to you it will start to make your ex feel that he has lost control of the situation, and for this his involvement in you will return to grow and you will have a lot of chances of regaining him.

    By the way, I invite you again to calculate your chances of winning back through this test. If you have a result above 60%, the technique of ignoring it to get it back should work fine.

    But be careful ...

    Many women after being left understand that they have to disappear, but they do it by committing a lot of mistakes, and failing to really take the power and control of the situation out of your ex's hands, or even give him more.

    But let's see now all other benefits that you will get by applying the strategy of disappearing to make it come back:

    • You will break a vicious circle in which it was put you, which led you more and more to chase it
    • You will be able to work on yourself by starting a path of personal growth
    • You will free yourself from the emotional and psychological dependence you now have towards him
    • You will start to feel much better after a couple of weeks

    How to get it back by crawling: conclusions

    If you want to crawl it back, disappearing for a while is the strategy that will bring you the most results.

    However, don't do it only for him and to recover your relationship: do it first of all for yourself, to get back to feeling good by distancing yourself from a situation that was absorbing all your mental and emotional energies.

    You will see that in any case, when you look back on this situation in a year, you will know that you have done the right thing 🙂

    Thank you for reading through this article on how to crawl it back. I am convinced that now you know how to return a man who left you!

    PS I know exactly how you feel, because I've been through it too. In order not to leave you alone in this delicate phase of your life, I have decided to prepare a daily mail path to help you. If you decide to join, I will send you valuable tips and tricks every day to win back your ex without making other mistakes.

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