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    Spend less: here are 3 ways to save and live better

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    Spend less is definitely a wise method of getting rich. Who he spends too much and doesn't try to save money undermines your financial goals: risks always remaining in debt and directs its attention towards consumption, instead of towards the creation and accumulation of wealth.

    If you can't spend less, try this exercise. Thoroughly examine every space, closet, drawer and cabinet in your home e bring out everything you've spent money on but haven't used in the last year. You could collect a lot of stuff like shoes, clothes, jewelry, accessories, tools, utensils, electronics items, sheets, towels, blankets, sports equipment, DVDs, CDs, games, toys. Gather all of these things in one place and then add up the price you paid for each item. You may find that in total that's a lot of money! And that maybe you have (expensive) clothes with tags still attached, household items never removed from the box or tools used just once. The truth is, you don't really need everything you own and stockpile around the house, however you don't worry about spending less by avoiding buying unnecessary items.

    Too many people spend money they haven't earned, to buy things they don't want, to impress people they don't like.

    Will Rogers

    How to spend less

    Here 3 tips that will allow you to Save Money:

    # 1. Always start paying in cash

    Un way to spend less consists in pay everything in cash. Since i cash are more immediate and direct, you they make you think better about what you are buying. And it is very likely that by using cash, you would find yourself spending less than you would if you used a credit card (or any other card such as an ATM, debit or revolving card). Whenever you have to consider a new purchase, it will you will evaluate more carefully and those occasional expenses that you thought "necessary" will become less necessary. You will postpone the most expensive purchases and perhaps you will realize that you can do without them.

    #2. Reduce the cost of your lifestyle without giving up on what you like

    Another way to spend less è have the lifestyle you want, and yet pay less for it. Sometimes it takes very little to be able to have a lifestyle based on value and quality (in another article I suggested how you can lifestyle change even if you have little money). There are many savings opportunities: eg, cheaper prices are often found online compared to traditional physical stores. If you want to dine out or have an experience like a massage at a spa or a trip, there are numerous sites that offer coupons and discount coupons. can ask for discounts even when they are not expected or you can avoid many unnecessary expenses, thus accumulating more money and then treating yourself to something really beautiful and of value. There are people who manage to have an excellent lifestyle even without spending a lot; the whole is in being more be careful and try to save - even small amounts - on every purchase. Become an "avid" saver in order to lead the lifestyle you want while spending as little as possible, it could even turn out to be a game. Why not give it a try?

    # 3. Free yourself from debt

    Another appearance important for spend less consists in get out of debt. Stop giving money to banks by paying high interest rates on personal loans, mortgages or credit cards, and lead a less consumerist lifestyle. Many people get into debt because they use bank loans to live to a higher standard than their real economic means. In doing so, savings and financial security inevitably suffer. The ideal would be to live without debt and monthly installments to pay to repay the loans. I suggest you first of all avoid borrowing money, as this is the main reason why many people never get out of debt. While they are still finishing up repaying existing debt, perhaps they contract a new one or continue to use credit cards. For me this is madness. Because? Because the cost of borrowed money is very high! On average of the 10.000 euros that a bank lends, the debtor, after 5-6 years, between interest and preliminary costs, finds himself paying more than 13.000 euros. It is clear that there is no convenience! Rather than incurring new debts, try to repay small debts in the first place; this will allow you to experience a positive feeling of well-being as you will perceive the loan repayment as an achievement and your self-esteem will increase. Once you have repaid a smaller debt, simply take the installment you were using for that debt and use it to increase the payments of any other debt. By increasing the rate of your debts, you will repay them sooner and you will be able to spend less on interest. Also with regard to the mutual, my advice is to always try to reduce the years of the loan so that you pay less interest. You could pay a small additional amount each month or a larger amount each year on your own initiative.


    By committing to free yourself from debt and spend less, you will notice a surprising positive force, which will allow you to feel good. When syou will postpone the focus from consumption to enjoying the things you already own and setting aside money, you will do great progress, As you will experience a profound transformation and you will surely live better. You will no longer experience the typical feelings of guilt resulting from superfluous and useless purchases. Your priorities will change: suddenly you will measure success in terms of repaid debts rather than purchased goods. And as your savings increase, you will begin to weigh all purchases, forcing yourself to respect your real possibilities in terms of lifestyle. Hold on - even if your current financial situation is not good - and embrace this new lifestyle with renewed optimism to achieve your goal of be financially independent and debt-free.

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