Relationships between siblings in adulthood

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Relationships between siblings in adulthood

The role of siblings does not end in adolescence, as they grow up they tend to occupy a more important space in our life.

Last update: 01 March, 2022

Siblings are important figures in childhood and adolescence. In many cases they are the first friends and companions, therefore they help to shape our identity. However, their influence on our lives doesn't end when we stop sharing the home. Relationships between siblings in adulthood can be an important source of support.

Not all people maintain a close and positive bond with their siblings when they reach adulthood. In fact, it is estimated that in a third of cases the predominant feelings are hostility or apathy.

However, those lucky enough to maintain these relationships can potentially reap a number of benefits.

Relationships between siblings in adulthood: a valuable source of support

There are those who say that friends are the family you choose and that their support is truly unconditional. However, many other people and various researches have been able to verify that in certain adverse situations it is the siblings who provide the true accompaniment and emotional support.

Whether it is to help care for children, to offer support in times of sickness or comfort in the face of a major loss, siblings offer their time, their shoulder and their words to comfort us.

The feeling of loyalty that has been established in the course of life comes to the surface, leaving behind any quarrel when necessary.

Friends and confidants

Not in all cases a fraternal relationship is also a bond of friendship, but when this happens the brothers become irreplaceable figures.

They are the people who know us best, who have seen us grow and transform; they know our history from the beginning and have been present in some of the most relevant moments for us.

With our brothers and sisters we can speak with total confidence, with the peace of mind that unconditional acceptance offers, without the pressure of having to pretend or look different.

Fears, doubts and mistakes can be shared freely, knowing that there will be no judgments or malice in their responses.

The brothers are travel companions

As we grow, we mature and accumulate experiences. Perhaps at some point we may feel the need to remember our life path, and especially our childhood.

For the same reason, having in our life people who have lived the same moments, who share memories with us, who were forged in the womb of the same family can be very precious. Brothers are the bridge between who we were and who we are, a constant in our journey that offers us security.

As maturity, retirement and all associated changes approach, sibling relationships seem to become closer and more relevant.

Especially in the moment when the frenetic pace of life is behind us and the children leave the house, the brotherly love that has always accompanied us can become a precious refuge.

How to heal and recover relationships between siblings in adulthood?

The role of sibling relationships in adulthood may be as important or more important than in childhood. However, some people cannot enjoy it.

Bad brotherly relationships generally begin to take shape in childhood. On the other hand, a frequent origin of the conflict is the unequal treatment received by the parents.

When one of the children is favored, it is easy to generate rivalry, resentment and conflict between siblings. A conflict that can continue into adult life.

If this is the case, understand that this is no longer the time to compete for parental love and acceptance. On the other hand, the unequal treatment depended only on the parents. So why not talk with an open heart, without pride, that allows you to start over?

Sometimes being guided by a professional is necessary to review and heal the wounds of the past, establish new ways of relating and be able to enjoy a bond that has a lot to offer in one's life. Don't hesitate to ask for help if needed.

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