12 foods that cannot be missing in a vegetarian's pantry

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Contrary to what many believe, the pantry of a vegetarian or of an Vegan it can be really rich and varied due to the presence, for example, of different qualities of cereals and legumes, which most people do not usually use. The recommendations in the choice of foods to consume actually apply for all. We will follow a 'supply certainly healthier if yes, he will learn to increase his daily consumption of fruit and vegetables, to replace the common table salt with herbs in your city or spices, to limit the consumption of packaged and frozen products in favor of everything that can be prepared with his own hands.

We have chosen some foods that should never be missing in a vegetarian's pantry - but not only - and we have tried to explain their characteristics and benefits, so that everyone can make more informed food choices.



It is indispensable for dressing numerous dishes and for the preparation of homemade preserves. As for all types of food grade oils, it must be remembered that those cold pressed they are of superior quality, since no synthetic solvents are used in their processing. The squeezing takes place exclusively in a mechanical way. Cold-pressed sunflower oil can replace butter in the preparation of desserts, making them lighter. A note of merit goes tolinseed oil, the richest plant source of omega3.

Whole grains

For a vegetarian diet to be well balanced, it is good to replace refined grains with those integrals, for their higher content of fibers, proteins and trace elements essential to our body. For example, the common refined rice can be replaced by the brown rice and the same can happen, at least in part, for pasta. To make your dishes more varied, you can go to the discovery of ancient cereals, such as rye, barley, spelled, millet and kamut, all excellent for the preparation of soups, broths and salads.


Legumes are an optimal source of protein. Dried legumes are preferable to canned ones, to which preservatives and additives are often added. Peas, beans, chickpeas, lentils, soy, can be an excellent side dish or enrich pasta and risotto. With legumes you can prepare excellent Meatballs. With the chickpeas we prepare thehummus, excellent for filling canapés, for example. Starting from yellow soy you can try to self-produce some vegetable milk, to be used for example as a base for béchamel or for the preparation of tofu.


Vegetarians are often very careful about where their food comes from and prefer it prepare yourself most of their dishes. With the various flours - preferably organic and stone-ground, as their quality is superior - they can be prepared at home bread, pasta, ravioli, farinate (with chickpea flour) e soups (with corn flour), but also pies, cakes and biscuits, having the certainty of the origin of the ingredients used.


If you use flour, you will necessarily need some yeasts as well. For the dough of bread, pizzas and focaccia it is preferable to replace the chemical yeast with mother yeast (o mother pasta) which will guarantee your preparations one completely natural leavening. As for desserts, the common baking powder in your city can be replaced by cream of tartar, which functions as a leavening agent accompanied by sodium bicarbonate.

Edible yeast flakes

It deserves a separate discussion because, although it is a yeast, it is not used for baking, but how seasoning. It is especially useful for those who need aalternative to grated parmesan. It can be sprinkled as a condiment on pasta and risotto, but also on other dishes, depending on your tastes. It is considered a real dietary supplement for its content of chromium, selenium and B vitamins.

Oil seeds

When buying make sure they are biological ed natural, that is, without the addition of salt or other additives, so that your body can take advantage of their beneficial properties. THE pumpkin seeds and of sunflower seeds, for example, they are rich in essential fatty acids, useful for reducing cholesterol. THE Sesame seeds they are an excellent source of football, which is easily absorbed since in them it is accompanied by the presence of vitamin D.

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Vinegar, together with oil, is an indispensable condiment, not only for salads. A special note of merit goes toapple vinegar which, mixed with food, exalts your city wing without covering it. It can be used to flavor risottos and vegetables, either raw and cooked. You can add a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar to the pastry dough to help it rise. It is also rich in potassium, which is useful for our metabolism. However, the common white wine vinegar is not to be underestimated, due to its numerous alternative uses.

Dried Fruit

Walnuts, hazelnuts, pine nuts, almonds and pistachios contain acid benefits polyunsaturated fats, proteins, minerals, vitamins and folic acid. Therefore they should never be missing on anyone's table, except for particular intolerances. The almonds they are for example rich in potassium and magnesium, while many do not know thatpistachios e pine nuts contain iron. Dried fruit can be used a breakfast, together with cereal flakes, as a snack, to enrich sauces and gravies but also in sweet preparations.


La vegetables it is an indispensable source of the fibers, vitamins and minerals that the body needs. Those who are not vegetarians should learn to consume more, both cooked and raw. To learn how to consume more vegetables, you can try starting your meal with a plate of mixed raw vegetables, such as fennel and carrots, which can also replace classic snacks. For vegetables the watchwords are variety e seasonality to learn how to enrich your diet with all the vegetables that nature offers us throughout the year.

Fresh and dried fruit

La fresh fruit, Seasonal, at Km 0 and organic when possible, it should never be missing on the tables of vegetarians, but not only. The recommendation to consume at least five servings of fruit and vegetables a day is valid for everyone. The vitamins contained in fruit are essential to strengthen our immune system and are also present in dried fruit, often in an even more concentrated way. It is good to remember that raisins, dried figs and dates can be used for the preparation of desserts without the need for add sugar.

Spices and herbs in your city

They are essential to enrich any dish with flavor. Adding herbs to your town, such as parsley and oregano, increases the digestibility of legumes. Herbs in your city are very simple fromgrow in pots, even for those who do not have a garden. The spices, have been known since ancient times for their healing properties: the hot pepper stimulates the metabolism turmeric can help cancer patients, with the ginger is prepared a refreshing drink.

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