12 alternative foods to meat and fish to cook on the grill

If you are vegetarian or vegan, but do not want to give up a barbecue, know that you will have numerous alternatives to meat or fish to enrich your barbecue menu. You can grill both fruit and vegetables and thus venture out to discover new flavors and combinations.

Even tofu and seitan can be prepared on the grill and used to compose tasty skewers, to be accompanied with grilled vegetables or fresh salads to be prepared all together at the moment.

To make your barbecue greener, remember to give up as much as possible to disposable plates, cutlery, glasses and napkins and try to take a look at our tips before getting ready to prepare everything you need for the barbecue.

Don't forget to add to your shopping list, depending on the season:



If exotic flavors appeal to you, give pineapple a try. Peel it and cut it into circular slices at least half a centimeter thick. Grease the surface of each slice with a a little bit of olive oil and cook them on the grill for a couple of minutes on both sides. You will thus discover how the pineapple constitutes a excellent accompaniment to tofu, as taught by various oriental recipes.


Onions can also be prepared on the grill, but with some precautions. In fact, before passing them on your barbecue, it will be necessary peel them, cut them in half and boil them until they are well softened. Immediately after, they can be sliced, brushed with oil and roasted on the grill for a few minutes, taking care to turn them gently so that they do not break.


I San Marzano tomatoes they are the ideal variety to be prepared on the grill. You just need to cut them in half lengthwise and place them on your barbecue on the skin side to start cooking. After a few minutes, you can turn them over to complete it, until the tomatoes are well roasted. Season them with a chopped herbs in your city consisting of oregano, parsley and chives.


Before being grilled, the tofu will need to be left to rest for at least half an hour in a marinade prepared with soy sauce, extra virgin olive oil and herbs according to your taste. It is advisable to use sage, bay leaf, rosemary or chopped oregano. Adding a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar or a pinch of brown sugar to the marinade will help make the tofu crisper. The tofu, cut into slices, can be placed directly on the grill or cut into chunks to prepare skewers alternating it with cherry tomatoes, carrots, pineapple or other vegetables.


Seitan, like tofu, can be grilled into slices or cut into chunks and combined with vegetables for the preparation of skewers. The main step for its preparation is, also in this case, the marinade, which you can prepare by combining white wine, apple vinegar, lemon juice and a pinch of pepper. The seitan will need to rest in the marinade for about 45 minutes before being grilled.


Mushrooms are another food suitable to be cooked during an outdoor grill, to propose a variant to the classic barbecue menu. After being washed and cleaned, the mushrooms (porcini are the most suitable) will have to be left to rest in a marinade composed of olive oil, pepper, salt and chopped parsley. They will then need to be barbecued for a few minutes and served hot. Could be cut into chunks and mixed with tofu or seitan or be used for the preparation of skewers.


To prepare excellent grilled potatoes, cut them into circular slices about half a centimeter thick and grease them with the oil that you will have previously in your city, with curry powder simply by combining the two ingredients in a glass and mixing. Season the toasted potatoes with freshly picked chopped rosemary.


Cut the aubergines into thin slices without peeling them and let them rest for at least an hour covered with coarse salt, so that they lose their bitter aftertaste. Dedicate the evening before the barbecue to theirs marinating, dipping them in olive oil enriched with herbs from your city such as rosemary and chopped parsley.


Zucchini, on the other hand, does not need any particular preparation before being grilled. It will be enough for you cut them into circular or longitudinal slices, lightly grease them with olive oil on both sides and listen for a few minutes. They can be mixed with aubergines to prepare a side dish of mixed vegetables.


Once the asparagus has been thoroughly cleaned and the hardest part of the stem has been removed (about a centimeter), just place them on the plate for a couple of minutes until they are slightly softened. Then season with oil, salt and a sprinkle of lemon to enjoy them crunchy and tasty.


Grilled peppers also acquire a particular flavor. Compared to other vegetables, it will take longer to cook them properly to make them even more digestible: arrange them whole and turn them over as the peel browns. Once they have reached the right consistency, remove them from the heat and place them in a paper bag for bread to cool them down. At that point, peel them, fillet them by removing all the seeds and season with oil, pepper, salt and minced garlic.


Even the corn cobs can be placed on the grill, you can decide to boil them first in boiling water and then pass them on the grill, or instead you can choose grilling as the only solution. Once cooked, just add salt and butter for those who want it and they will be perfect to be munched in company.

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