White grapes, characteristics and properties

White grapes, characteristics and properties

L'grape it is the fruit of the vine. Depending on the color there are white, red / black and rosé grapes, and depending on the use there are wine grapes and table grapes.

Wine grapes can also be consumed as a fruit, and therefore as table grapes, but they are above all grapes el country, Pizzutello Bianco, grapes Victoria and Thompson the tastiest from eat fresh.

Ripe grapes represent a very pleasant food on the palate, since a lot Dolce and sugary, and very refreshing. It is now cultivated su tutto il territorio del paese and ripe white grapes and can be bought in season in the months from July until autumn forwarded.

White grapes are a small fruit with a firm and clear pulp, covered with a thin cuticle and a color tending to yellow-green. Sometimes there is a small stone inside the grape, depending on the variety.


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For the quantities of minerals grapes are an ideal food during hot periods, when many fluids and mineral salts necessary for the well-being of the body are lost with sweat.

The benefits of grapes relate:

> the health of Reindeer: the quantity of water and mineral salts allows to drain liquids;

> the health ofintestine: the fibers of the peel help intestinal peristalsis, which is why grapes have a mild laxative power;

> the health of the liver and gallbladder: grapes regulate the production of bile and therefore help the digestive work of the liver;

> health cardiovascular: resveratol counteracts the formation of LDL cholesterol and thins the blood;

> the health of skin: thanks to the presence of vitamins and polyphenols, it stimulates the production of collagen.

From a nutritional point of view, grapes contain vitamin C, and vitamins B1, B2 and vitamin A.

The minerals contained in white grapes are the potassium, manganese, calcium, iron and phosphorus.

It is rich in fructose and glucose, therefore it is to be consumed moderately in case of diabetes problems. Grapes are a refreshing and remineralizing food.

White grapes are classified as semi-acidic fruit. According to the food combinations it should therefore be eaten alone or, in exceptional cases, together with sweet fruit or sour fruit.

There are diets detoxifying which involve the use of white grapes to purify the body.

Consumed with the peel, chewed properly, and with the seeds, the grapes maintain their nutritional characteristics and allow purify the body and give energy and strength.


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