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    When women talk, men disconnect: why?

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    Louise Hay

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    How many times has it happened to you to observe a couple
    in which the woman is talking while the man seems to have a lost air,
    as if it were disconnected from the surrounding world? We know well that some men
    they seem to have the ability to disconnect when women's speech
    it gets long and boring. Many will believe that this is due to the boredom that
    generates the discourse itself, and in part it is so, but it is certain that the roots of
    this male behavior are much more complex and are located in the

    When people have verbal auditory hallucinations
    the voices they perceive are attributed to a specific gender: women's voices or
    of men, even if they are usually male voices. This fact that can
    seem completely normal may actually indicate that there are several
    areas of the brain responsible for processing male or female voices. How much
    is this idea certain? Until recently it was just a hypothesis,
    but now, thanks to the advent of functional magnetic resonance imaging, it has been possible
    prove it's true. At the University of Sheffield in the UK it is
    carried out a study that involved monitoring brain activity
    of twelve men as they listened to female, male and ambiguous voices. The results? The female voice activates areas of the
    brain which are normally in charge of processing complex sounds such as
    music, while the male voice activates the historically dedicated region
    imagination.These differences may be caused by the fact
    that women normally have smaller vocal cords and larynx than
    they allow you to produce a more melodic and different voice. At the same time, the
    female speech possesses greater prosody, which is why men
    they say that “it is more difficult to listen and
    understand the female voice. ”However, due to these same peculiarities of the
    female voice, it is claimed that this is capable of transmitting more information
    which is why most of the announcements made in public are
    uttered by women. This theory would also explain why the majority
    of auditory verbal hallucinations belong to male voices, since if
    the brain has to imagine a voice it is very likely to choose the one most
    simple, the basic version: the male voice.
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