Vegetarian recipes for Halloween: fried pumpkin cremini

I fried pumpkin cremini can be served as an afternoon snack, as an appetizer or even instead of dessert! Thanks to the versatility of the pumpkin - which is suitable for both sweet and savory dishes - you can offer them at any time of the day, to brighten up your late October afternoon or make Halloween even more intriguing!

  • 300 g flour
  • 225 g of sugar
  • 250 g of pumpkin
  • 700 ml of milk
  • 4 egg yolks
  • a sachet of vanilla
  • grated rind of one lemon

for the breading:

  • 4 eggs
  • flour
  • bread crumbs

First of all, cut the pumpkin, remove the peel and peel it; then cut it into chunks and put it in the pressure cooker, add a pinch of coarse salt, a cup of water and close with the lid.
Put it on the fire, over high heat, and let it cook for at least 15-20 minutes from when the pressure cooker valve starts hissing: the pumpkin must become a mush, so better cook it for a long time.

Meanwhile, pour the milk into a saucepan, put it on the stove and when it starts to boil, turn off.
At this point, all you have to do is prepare a custarda, adding the pumpkin at the end: put it in a saucepanyolks of eggs with sugar and mix cold until a homogeneous cream is obtained; add - little by little - the sifted flour and mix well with a wooden spoon. When the cream starts to get too dry, pour - little by little - the milk you have boiled and turn well so that no lumps form. Continue like this - alternating flour and milk - until you have poured and mixed all the ingredients well.

The secrets for not forming lumps:

  • use hot milk
  • pour it little by little, gradually melting all the flour
When the pumpkin is cooked, drain it from any water left in the pot and blend it with a mini pimer until a compact mush is obtained; then pour it into the saucepan where you prepared the cold cream.
Stir and put everything on the stove, over low heat, and continue to stir for 7-10 minutes, until your pumpkin cream is nice thick.
Switch off and add the lemon zest and vanilla.
At this point pour the cream on a work surface (better a smooth surface such as marble or plastic) and spread it with a spatula until you get a 3 cm thick layer.

Let the cream cool for about 40 minutes, then cut it into many rectangles (2 × 4 cm): you will get many small cubes of pumpkin cream.

Now all that remains is to pan them and fry them:
pass them in the flour, then in the beaten egg and finally in the breadcrumbs; put them in the fryer and leave them for a few minutes, until the crust is golden brown.
When they are well fried, drain them, place them on absorbent paper and serve! Your pumpkin cremini are ready; all that remains is to wish you: Happy Halloween!

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