Vegan recipes: 15 easy dishes from appetizer to dessert

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Are you looking for vegan recipes to try to prepare new completely vegetable-based dishes? You want to renew yours vegan menu? There are so many easy dishes in the vegan version that we can prepare at home to obtain a complete menu from appetizers to desserts.

Let's think, for example, of all the vegetables that we could use to season the classic pasta but also to alternative recipes to prepare lasagna and main courses at home, including legumes, vegetables and cereals. So you can give life to meatballs and vegetable burgers but also try to prepare your favorite desserts in the vegan version at home.

Here a collection of vegan recipes from which you can take inspiration to bring to the table really tasty dishes without any ingredients of animal origin. Are you ready to experiment?


Vegan recipes: appetizers

Spring rolls

- spring rolls I am a vegan appetizer. Preparing them at home is really simple and doesn't take much time. You can vary the filling of the spring rolls according to the seasonal vegetables that you will have available. THU recipe.

Vegan savory pie

A vegan savory pie condita with many seasonal vegetables can not miss among the appetizers to bring to the table or to be served at a buffet. Savory pies are also suitable as a second course. THU the recipes to prepare the vegan savory pie in ten variations.

Chickpea hummus

In addition tochickpea hummus traditional, there are numerous variations to be prepared with the addition of other ingredients that serve to make the hummus colorful and even tastier. So you can serve your guests hummus to spread in different colors and flavors. THU all the recipes to prepare hummus at home.

Vegan recipes: first courses

Vegan cannelloni

At the base of this dish we find cannelloni prepared only with durum wheat semolina and water. For season the cannelloni you can prepare a vegan version of homemade bechamel and combine your favorite vegetables, such as spinach, carrots and cabbage. THU our recipe.

Vegan lasagna

Le vegan lasagne they lend themselves to numerous variations. You can prepare them with homemade béchamel based on vegetable milk and season them with tomato sauce, mushrooms, pumpkin, radicchio, red cabbage and other vegetables according to your tastes. Obviously you will have to choose some lasagna sheets without eggs. They are easily found in the supermarket or you can prepare them at home simply with water and flour and with the machine to roll out the dough. THU the recipes from which to draw inspiration.


THEbarley it is prepared in a similar way to risotto but barley is used instead of rice, as you may have guessed. For the cooking of the orzotto we suggest you prepare a good vegetable broth at home. The ingredients for the dressing can vary according to the seasons. THU the recipes from which to draw inspiration.

Vegan recipes: main courses

Vegetable burger

I vegetable burgers they are a second course in a vegan version that is always very popular. To prepare them the simplest way requires starting from chickpeas or beans already boiled, to be mashed with a fork and to mix well to form the dough for the burgers. You can add herbs, spices and boiled vegetables. THU the recipes.

Vegetable meatballs

Another must of your vegan menu that cannot miss among the main courses are the vegetable meatballs that you can make with vegetables, legumes or cereals. Vegetable meatballs are also a great idea for recycling leftovers. THU recipe.

Homemade Seitan

If you have some time, you can prepare your own at home seitan starting from wheat flour, cook it in a pot with vegetable broth and then use it to make seitan cutlets to be enjoyed as a main course. THU the recipe for self-producing seitan.

Vegan recipes: side dishes

Crispy golden baked potatoes

The recipe for prepare the potatoes in the oven it is really suitable for everyone, even for those who are vegan, but do you know what are the secrets to obtaining really golden and crunchy baked potatoes? Find out here how to make perfect baked potatoes to wow family and friends.

Sweet and sour peppers

You want to bring to the table a really quick side dish but at the same time original? Here is a really simple idea for you: sweet and sour peppers to cook in a pan in a few minutes. THU our recipe to follow.

Indian lentils

You can prepare the Indian lentils to be served as a side dish, for example to a second course based on seitan, to create a dish rich in proteins. Enrich your Indian lentils with herbs and spices: turmeric, ginger, curry, coriander. THU recipe.

Vegan recipes: desserts

Vegan tiramisu

Il vegan tiramisu it is a really good dessert that can be prepared in many variations and which obviously will be different in the choice of ingredients and in the manufacturing process compared to the original recipe. Those who are vegan but also those who are intolerant or allergic to eggs and dairy products now have many alternatives to choose from. THU recipes to prepare vegan tiramisu.

Vegan crepes

Prepare the crepes without eggs it is not an impossible challenge, indeed, you will see that it will be very simple. The trick is to heat the pan well and grease it with a little oil. You can also choose buckwheat or chickpea flour as an alternative to wheat flour. THU recipes to prepare vegan crepes.

Cheesecake vegan

We advise you to continue experimenting with sweets and in particular to prepare a typical cake cheesecake in a vegan version. For the base, choose biscuits without butter, milk and eggs while for the cream and the filling you can choose different ingredients according to your tastes. THU recipes to try.

Which ones are they your favorite vegan recipes?

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