Transverse shoulder extensions to the specific machine

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The Machine Specific Transverse Shoulder Extensions exercise is also known as the Inverse Butterfly, Reverse butterfly

Type of Exercise

Machine Specific Shoulder Transverse Extensions is a Monoarticular / accessory exercise


  • Cross shoulder extensions with dumbbells

Transverse shoulder extensions to the specific machine: Execution

The starting position sees the athlete positioned on the machine with the torso vertical, the back in its position of strength, the hips flexed, the legs semi-flexed and the feet firmly placed forward, ready to push to stabilize the movement during the execution. . The machine exists in two versions: 1) with handles 2) with rollers for the elbows. In the first case, the athlete grasps the handles with a prone grip and internally rotated shoulders; the seat should be adjusted so that your hands are at shoulder height. In the second case, the athlete rests his elbows inside the special rollers after having adjusted the seat so that shoulders and elbows are at the same height. The execution consists in adding the shoulder blades and extending the shoulders in the transverse plane up to the maximum degree of hyperextension allowed by individual mobility without forcing. In version 1) by grasping the handles with a neutral grip, the movement becomes a transverse abduction. In version 2) by adding the shoulders (bringing the elbows closer to the body), the transverse extension movement is hybridized with that of sagittal extension with involvement of the great dorsal and great teres; in this case the shoulder is generally hyperextended more, but the work on the infraspinatus and teres minor is reduced.

Muscles involved in the exercise Transverse shoulder extensions to the specific machine

Group 0

  • Lateral deltoid
  • Posterior deltoid
  • Small round
  • Infrared
  • Great dorsal
Transverse shoulder extension

Group 1

  • Intermediate beams of the trapezius
  • Lower bundles of the trapezius
  • Romboide
Scapular adduction
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