The smoothie recipe to regain energy

The smoothie recipe to regain energy

How to regain energy by combining foods

And as often happens to us, we don't know what we should take and above all we don't have much time to prepare an adequate snack.

Here's what we can do to get theenergy optimally. This smoothie, given its power, is especially indicated when the energies are at zero after physical exertion.

In a few minutes you will have a meal to take back yours energy.



Take about 150ml of cold milk, as it is one of the most noble and complete foods, and also by drinking it you will be full of proteins, add a tablespoon of honey d'acacia (for immediate energy), equip yourself with butter d'peanuts (available in supermarkets in small jars) and pour the corresponding 3 tablespoons into the milk. This butter is used to make you take the Vitamin E and above all i omega3 fats e omega6.

At this point, take one banana, serves to recover lost sugars and integrate with potassium, invigorating the muscles. Cut it into thin slices and put everything in a blender.

If you have the chance, add some dark chocolate flakes, which in addition to making it tastier, will serve you for polyphenols and to improve the efficiency of serotonin.

Blend everything for about 25/30 seconds, put it in a glass, drink it and you will be sure to get thecorrect image you need to resume the lost sprint!


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