The 10 best foods for the nervous system

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How can you take advantage of alimony that we eat at the table to nourish our nervous system from within and promote well-being at the level of the mood, mind-body connections and motor skills. 


The 10 best foods for nervous system health 

Let's see together 10 foods that promote the well-being of the nervous system and guarantee its correct functioning, then positively influencing the whole organism.  

1. Oats

The vein helps in cases of trough, improves mood and becomes a valid ally for sports performance, oats are pure energy available, which also helps the nervous system a lot, together withrespiratory system.  


2. The peas

The peas are phyenes of phosphorus, not caloric, rich in vitamins (B1, B2, B3, A, C), help, in addition to nervous system, That immune system, skin, colon, heart and circulation in blood vessels.

3. Pumpkin

La pumpkinit is rich in nutrients, has a high diuretic action. Its positive action on the nervous system is due to the abundance of Vitamin A which has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It also contains curcubitina, which protects the urinary tract.  


4. Dried fruit

La dried fruit it has many nutrients, antioxidants that counteract cellular aging. Rich in fibers, friend of the intestine and therefore of the whole nervous system. Just be careful not to exceed, always keep in consideration the caloric intake.


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5. Banana

La banana, rich in potassium, is a fruit that is very good for the intestine and stomach and provides the necessary nutrients to the muscles. Also very useful for the physiology of immune system.


6. Apricot

THEapricot it is an ally fruit of the skin and it is rich in fiber and vitamin A., nutrient that gives it strong power antioxidant. In addition to being beneficial for the nervous system, they are also excellent for keeping the level of low blood sugar.


7. Spinach

If consumed with lemon they create a good iron reserve; the spinach argue i muscles and the osteoarticular system, in addition to the nervous system, as they are rich in vitamin A and folic acid. 

8. Legumes  

I vegetable they help dissolve fats and are rich in mineral salts that facilitate nerve connections. Legumes are also full of B vitamins. There is a wide choice of beans, chickpeas, lupins, lentils, peanuts and cicerchie.


9 Cocoa 

Full of proteins, lipids, carbohydrates, various mineral salts and B vitamins, cacao it also contains Serotonin, tyramine, caffeine, theobromine and phenylethylamine. Theobromine and caffeine help maintain the concentration. Serotonin and tyramine are useful against depression and anxiety disorders.  


10. Pollen   

A food in all respects, indeed, a real one super food, pollen guarantees well-being at all levels, raises the defenses of immune system and plays a vital role in the well-being of that nervous, as it also stimulates the brain metabolism.

It is a food that may not have a low price, but it is worth getting it to face the winter, as it is rich in lipids, proteins, vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, enzymes.  

The well-being of the brain and nervous system

The brain, as we know, is divided into two halves; the two parties consume sugar differently according to their functions.

The skills of the right hemisphere are different than those of the left hemisphere; irradiating i two hemispheres separately, science has shown that some things invisible to one half were absolutely visible to the other: the right side feels distances, time, values, calculation; the left half is the least explored part, where the sense of normal time is not valid. The use of language lies in the communication bridge between the two hemispheres.

We use parts of the brain when we are awake or when we fall asleep that are different from those we use when we dance and when we eat. In the first case there is a relaxation and a possibility of adopting an attitude of letting go totally different from other activities; while sleeping you release tension, while in other activities you work a lot, the level of concentration is different.

This is to explain that the calorie expenditure is completely different and glycemic peaks have various consequences also at the level of nervous system: when the nervous system is too stressed there are excessive reactions that can lead to panic attacks and other symptoms of anxiety and generalized stress; when it is not sufficiently stimulated one can go into states of depression, defeatism, continuous renunciation.

Our nervous system is also made up of the enteric nervous system, which is the big brain that is the intestine. If we introduce foods to which, for variable reasons, we are intolerant, all the intestinal flora is affected.

The nervous system also plays an important role at the level of proprioception, the way we perceive our body, the way we manage it with respect to space.


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