Stuffed aubergines: 10 recipes for all tastes

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Le eggplant they are one of the most loved vegetables of the summer. Now that they are in season we can use them to prepare the stuffed eggplant really in a thousand ways with many different condiments based on cereals such as rice or millet, or based on vegetables, such as carrots and cherry tomatoes.

Here is a collection of vegetarian recipes and vegan to prepare stuffed aubergines.

Stuffed eggplant with bread

As a filling for your aubergines you can choose stale bread, then add cherry tomatoes, basil. and onion. Eggplant stuffed with bread is a simple and light recipe also suitable for a completely vegan diet. THU recipe.

Eggplant stuffed with pasta

Eggplants stuffed with pasta are very tasty, they have a crust on the surface that will surely delight the palate of young and old. Easy to make, the aubergines stuffed with pasta can also be prepared many hours in advance and then served both hot and at room temperature, so don't hesitate to prepare them for your meals away from home. Here the complete recipe.

Baked rice stuffed eggplant

Le Eggplant Stuffed With Rice to bake in the oven they allow you to recycle the leftovers of your risottos or to experiment with new recipes. In fact, any risotto is suitable to become the filling of your aubergines, according to your tastes. THU all the instructions for making baked rice stuffed eggplants.

Stuffed eggplant with tofu and black olives

If you want to prepare one vegan version of stuffed aubergines, you can try to replace the classic cheese with cubed tofu or with tofu blended with a little water or with basil pesto. You can add black olives and capers to the preparation. THU recipe.

Stuffed eggplant with millet

Another idea for your stuffed aubergines, to be prepared in an always different way. here is the millet, which you can boil as if it were pasta and then combine with cherry tomatoes, Taggiasca olives, mozzarella and herbs in your city to create your filling. THU the complete recipe.

Stuffed eggplant with seitan

Another solution for the stuffed aubergines in a vegetarian version or vegan is represented by seitan, which you can mince or grind to combine it more easily with the other ingredients. For example, you can add tomato puree, dried fruit and herbs to your city. THU recipe.

Eggplant stuffed with spelled and cherry tomatoes

Le stuffed aubergines with spelled and cherry tomatoes they are an inviting and appetizing single vegetarian or vegan dish, excellent both hot and cold. The aubergine filling is made from spelled enriched with cherry tomatoes and black olives, but you can customize it. THU the complete recipe.

Eggplant stuffed with asparagus and almonds

If you want to choose some vegetables for the filling of your baked aubergines pyou can opt for asparagus to which you can also add sage leaves, courgettes, extra virgin olive oil, shallots, almonds, perhaps toasted, salt and pepper. THU the recipe to follow.

Vegan stuffed eggplant with vegetables

When you decide to prepare the stuffed aubergines do not forget that you also have many other vegetables from the garden to prepare the dressing, such as carrots, courgettes and red peppers. Then you will add herbs to your town, such as parsley, and breadcrumbs. THU recipe.

Salento-style stuffed eggplant

To prepare your veg version of stuffed aubergines you can take inspiration from Salento cuisine and choose as ingredients for the filling tomato sauce, parsley, Taggiasca olives and capers, breadcrumbs and cherry tomatoes. THU the recipe to follow.


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