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The human body can move in many different ways thanks to the muscular interconnection system. Each movement can be defined through the use of terms that give a very precise description.

A favorite in the gym world is definitely the flat bench.

This movement works on a single plane and does not go beyond the possibilities offered by the human body.

Alternating between different variations of pressing can help develop the muscle structure that surrounds the joints and to develop the force in a multi-planar way that will help you to develop a pushing force in several directions.

This is based on the structure of the muscles, how they are organized to work best and on the pinching of the muscle fibers.

The entire shoulder complex is made up of joints that work together in the pressing movement, even if the joint is not fully mobile it will support the muscle that will be used in the tension phase.

The main joint (glenomerale) is commonly known by all as the shoulder but it is important to pay attention and also train the surrounding muscles in order to balance and stabilize the complex interior.

It is usually about postural muscles that make resistance their foundation, so it would be good to train them with higher reps (10+).


Here are some of the best exercises that involve the extension of the arms!

1. Flat bench

The bench press is considered the fundamental exercise for building the chest muscles, with a moderate weight, wide elbows and bringing the barbell to mid-chest.

This exercise it can be done at both low and high repetitions, combining it with any training program.


2. "Powerlifter" style flat bench

  1. Lie back looking for the barbell with your hands; when you have taken the necessary measures and established the grip, expand the latissimus and contract the lower back.
  2. Feet, hips, back and shoulders must be ready to provide a solid foundation and natural lifting support.
  3. The legs form an acute angle with the thighs, at the height of the knees. The shoulder blades are adducted, retracted and well placed on the bench, so as to bring the chest closer to the barbell; the lumbar area is contracted and allows the dorsal arch.

3. Overhead press

This exercise is also widely used by bodybuilders and powerlifters, there are numerous variations: standing, sitting, with dumbbells, barbell, in an inclined position.

You can try each of these variants, the important thing is to keep an average volume (6-10) as the type of fiber is the multi-joint complex of the shoulder can easily get injured with this type of movement.

Remember to keep the elbows below the wrists so that the body is always aligned. To test your strength, try reversing your grip while keeping the volumes high to exert more action on the deltoids.

4. Dip

Usually this exercise is neglected and left at the end of the chest workout but I think this is actually one of the best and most effective exercises.

It combines the ability to know how to control your body by working chest and shoulder muscles at the same time.

For a good execution it is important to keep the chest out and the shoulder blades adducted in order to reduce the protraction and the anterior rotation of the shoulders, making you miss the execution.

It is important that the elbows and wrists are always well aligned with each other in order to avoid unnecessary rotations.

All these exercises that we have seen focus on bilateral work, favoring the development of maximal strength but neglecting the natural unilateral movement of the human body by not taking into account some smaller muscles that also need to be trained.

Here are other variations to try, some may be more challenging while others even fun.

5. Kettlebell press “bottom up”

This exercise not only helps develop healthy and strong shoulders when done correctly but it is also useful for working the anterior and posterior muscles of the trunk well.

This exercise will test stability and endurance and help improve the health of your body.

6. Push-ups with feet resting on fitball

The position is quite difficult, you need a strong core that allows you to stay in balance and stabilization.

It is important to keep the hips and shoulder blades tight. To increase the difficulty of the exercise, you can place your feet on a raised surface

7. Dumbell press monoarticolare con TRX

To perform this exercise, it is important to have a strong core that can support the entire body.

The hip and shoulder will be the main components involved in the movement. This exercise is really effective, everyone would do well to add it to their training program.

In order to ensure good joint health and maintain good posture, it is important to remember that all pressing movements must be accompanied by an equal number of pushing movements.

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