Strawberries: 10 recipes for all tastes (plus 3)

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Finally the strawberries they are in season. You can collect and taste them in a thousand different ways, from simple fruit salad to more classic desserts and more. Strawberries can become the protagonists of your vegetarian, vegan or gluten-free recipes. Here is a collection of recipes with strawberries from which you can take inspiration for your experiments in the kitchen.


Vegan and gluten-free strawberry tart

Here is a slightly different homemade strawberry tart, which you can prepare with almond flour, fresh strawberries and strawberry jam, even better if prepared at home. This tart is vegan and gluten-free. THU the complete recipe.

Strawberry donut: soft and delicious recipe without butter

To prepare this strawberry donut you can directly use the pulp of this sweet and delicious fruit. For the recipe it is also possible to use the processing scraps of the extractors or the preparation of the coulis, thus saving and eliminating waste. Here is the recipe to follow.

Strawberry plumcake: the recipe to make it soft and delicious

The strawberry plumcake can represent a healthy alternative to the classic packaged snacks, this cake baked in the characteristic rectangular "box" molds is now prepared all over the world, even in different versions of savory plumcakes. In our recipe, the traditionally used butter has been replaced with Greek yogurt. Here is the complete recipe to follow.

Vegan Strawberry Cheesecake

A vegan strawberry cheesecake which pleases everyone, even those who cannot consume milk and dairy products due to intolerances or allergies. For your vegan cheesecake instead of the classic spreadable cheese you will prepare a cashew cream. THU the complete recipe. For the traditional strawberry cheesecake version, you can find the recipe here.

Tart with strawberries: the wholemeal recipe without butter

This dessert: a tart with wholemeal strawberries and without butter was prepared with not very refined products, and has fewer calories than a classic tart, but certainly does not lack taste. To be prepared without difficulty, this strawberry tart is also suitable for those with allergies or intolerances to milk and derivatives. Here is the recipe to follow step by step.

Strawberry jam and syrup

With fresh strawberries you can prepare homemade strawberry jam and at the same time get a delicious strawberry syrup. Just follow our recipe proposed by the blog Natula tua cittània. THU all instructions.

Coulis: tricks and mistakes not to do to prepare it at home. The recipe for strawberry coulis

Strawberry coulis is usually used to garnish spoon desserts such as panna cotta and cheesecakes, but also as a finish on fruit ice cream cups or to enrich cakes and donuts. Let's see together how to prepare it with tricks and mistakes not to do. Here is the complete procedure.

Vegan strawberry tiramisu

You want to try prepare the tiramisu iIn a slightly different way than usual? Here then we propose the recipe for strawberry tiramisu, in a vegan version suitable for those who cannot eat eggs and dairy products. THU the complete recipe.

Ricotta and strawberry mousse

Low in calories and quick to prepare, the ricotta and strawberry mousse does not need rest time, so you can enjoy it even immediately after preparing it. To make it, we urge you to choose seasonal strawberries, possibly organic and zero km, to then combine with ricotta, yogurt and a little powdered brown sugar. Here the complete recipe.

Strawberry ice cream

With strawberries you can prepare an excellent homemade ice cream also in the vegan version using vegetable milk, for example rice milk or almond milk, or a combination of water and lemon juice to prepare a sorbet. You can also garnish a creamy vegan, vanilla or chocolate ice cream with strawberries. THU recipes to inspire you.

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Homemade canned strawberries

To prepare homemade strawberries in syrup you will need 1 kg of strawberries, 30 grams of brown sugar and water. THU the complete process.

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Strawberry-flavored water in your city

If your strawberries are ripening visibly and you don't want to risk wasting them, prepare the classic fruit salad and maybe even a delicious oneStrawberry-flavored water in your city. You can also add mint leaves and lemon wedges. THU recipe.

Vegan strawberry risotto

And finally, here is an idea to use strawberries in the kitchen even beyond desserts. This is the rice with strawberries, to be mixed with cannellini beans puree, agave syrup and lemon juice for a truly special dish. THU the complete recipe.



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