Sour cherries: properties and benefits

Sour cherries: properties and benefits

Sour cherries: what they are and when they are found

Le amarena they are very similar to cherries.

The plants are larger and taller, while the fruit, with a small and round shape and from characteristic dark red color, has a more sour and bitter taste than cherries.

Sour cherries are found mainly between May and July and the plants adapt well to the Mediterranean climates of the hinterland: the black cherry plant needs a lot of light and air.

Le nutritional properties are equivalent to all red fruits: rich in flavonoids which express a powerful anti-aging effect, the sour cherries have a low calorie load and a discreet satiating power: this is thanks to the presence of fibers in the skin which, in addition to maintaining the sense of satiety longer, they improve the bowel health.

The vitamin content mainly concerns the Vitamin A and Vitamin C, respectively useful for the health of skin e eyes.

The stem of the fruit is also used for the sour cherry (peduncle), especially for decoctions and macerates against water retention, and to stimulate the diuresis.


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Sour cherries: properties and benefits

Sour cherries are small fruits from large ones property. They, both assumed shallows, that fresh or juice, have the following beneficial properties:

> They reduce theinsomnia: Regularly consuming fresh and unsweetened black cherry juice allows you to increase the production of melatonin, And rebalance the sleep-wake cycle, and thus improve the quantity and quality of sleep, as well as the mood;

> Strengthen thecapillary elasticity: sour cherries contain flavonoids able to act as natural antioxidants, counteracting cellular aging and improving blood circulation, preventing thrombosis, stroke, and circulatory problems;

> They are great against the water retention: the sour cherries are diuretic. This allows you to act on blood pressure, regulating it, and on water retention, facilitating, through natural and physiological diuresis, theelimination of toxins and excess fluids;

> They alleviate themuscle fatigue: the presence of potassium allows you to use black cherries as natural natural supplement in cases of muscle fatigue and both competitive and amateur practice of various sports;

> They take care of the constipation: black cherries are small fruits coated with soluble fibers which are not digested and broken down during the digestive process, and which therefore act as scavengers of the intestine, taking in water and improving peristalsis and intestinal transit;

> They are useful for view and for skin: the presence of Vitamin A and Vitamin C it allows to improve the sight and the quality of the skin, as they stimulate the production of collagen;

> They cure gotta and excess of uric acid: in addition to the diuretic properties, black cherries allow eliminate uric acid, normalizing its concentration in the body. Being the excess of uric acid the main cause of the onset of gotta, consuming black cherries regularly allows you to prevent and cure it.


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