Solar Summer 2021: Best Creams for Tanning in Safety

    Solar Summer 2021: Best Creams for Tanning in Safety

    Sun protection summer 2021

    Summer has arrived and also the desire to return - finally - to the sea. The first sun, however, we know, should not be underestimated and it is good adequately protect the skin based on your phototype.

    Not only on the beach, but also in the city, the sun's rays can be dangerous, cause sunburn and other damage, so it's a good idea to buy a good one in time. sunscreen.

    Let's see what the best summer 2021 sunscreens to buy, also online: 

    Hawaiian Tropic Silk protection 30

    Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration Lotion is an ideal sunscreen for summer. Great value for money, it provides broad spectrum UVA and UVB protection while pampering and hydrating the skin.

    It is a protective cream with exclusive moisturizing silk ribbons. Thanks to the natural proteins of silk, it leaves the skin hydrated for up to 12 hours, with a feeling of lightness and softness. Light and non-sticky, Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration Lotion hydrates the skin and indulges your senses with a tropical fragrance.

    Hawaiian Tropic silk Hydration Lotion is available with SPF 15, 30 and 50 protection. The package contains a 180ml bottle of sun lotion. According to users it is an excellent cream. 

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    Bionike Defense Sun SPF 50+

    Suitable for very light sensitive skin and hyper-reactive to the sun, the Bionike Defense Sun 50+ protection is ideal for first exposure and in cases of intense sun.

    It guarantees a safe protection from UVA-UVB rays. It guarantees an active cellular defense against skin aging and has also been formulated to prevent photodermatosis, chloasma gravidarum, dyschromia and photosensitization. Protects scars, couperose and skin spots is also suitable for children and water resistant.

    Users speak of an effective cream at a great price and also recommend it for the little ones at home. 

    Angstrom Protect ultra moisturizing sun milk

    Angstrom - Ultra Moisturizing Sun Milk is a protection that contains advanced, photostable, broad spectrum UVA / UVB sunscreens for immediate protection from harmful sun rays.

    It is a sun milk with a light and non-greasy consistency. It is easily applied without leaving visible residues. Thanks to the Triple Moist Complex it also has an immediate, intense and long-lasting moisturizing action. Its formulation is enriched with Total Tanning System known to improve and prolong the natural tan by stimulating the production of melanin and thus increasing the skin's natural defenses from the sun.

    Users who have purchased it define the product as extremely effective and the dispenser very convenient.

    Garnier Ambre Solaire moisturizing sunscreen 20

    Economical and low protection, Garnier Ambre Solaire cream has a moisturizing formula that protects against dryness due to sun exposure for a soft and silky skin.

    Based on eco-sustainable shea butter and vegetable glycerin, it nourishes the skin deeply. The solar product is characterized by a patented Mexoryl SX filter system, protects against sunburn, against long-term skin damage.

    A cream that Amazon users call a low price guarantee. On the market, in fact, Garnier has really competitive prices, but its products satisfy the customers. 

    Tattoo Defender Sunny: protective cream for tattoos

    A sunscreen with a high protection factor, specific for tattoos. This is Tattoo Defender Sunny Side, a high protection product, able to give shine and light to tattoos.

    The cream is non-greasy, does not stain clothes and has a natural hypoallergenic fragrance. It allows a safe and homogeneous tan (without unsightly stains), protects the brilliance and definition of tattoos and, more importantly, effectively counteracts the highly harmful action of UVA and UVB rays, which are also the main responsible for the deterioration of tattoos.

    The filters used for the sunscreen are of both chemical and vegetable origin and protect skin and tattoos in a reliable and safe way. Sunny Side should be applied to the tattoo before exposure to the sun or sunlamps.

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