Sex with the ex: all the pros and cons

For better or worse, most of those who have already experienced at least one love affair have happened to be in the position of sleep with your ex. And if you are here, it is because, most likely, you are in this exact circumstance.

In today's guide we will understand if having sex with the ex it is risky, what are the pros and cons and, above all, if it can be used to encourage a possible reconquest. In this regard, in case you are thinking of getting closer to your ex or your ex, I invite you to take this short, but important test:

When can you think about having sex with your ex?

The pros and cons of continuing to sleep with your ex depend on two essential factors: the sentimental involvement and the desire to win him back. If these two conditions are met, prolonged sexual relations with the ex can only be harmful.

Conversely, if you have put your "soul at peace", you are emotionally detached, while you see other people as well, and you are not jealous of each other, then you are in no danger.

As with everything, sex with an ex can be right or wrong depending on the perspective. Whether having intimate relationships with him / her is just a matter of physical fulfillment, or why not, even for fun, you have nothing to fear.

However, if one of the two is still in love, or worse still is thinking of "using" sex to win back the other, one enters a minefield. Consequently, before proceeding with the reading, make your considerations.

The sex you are having with your ex or with your ex it's dangerous?

Sex with ex: the cons

Counting that there are two situations in which you may find yourself (involved or not romantically involved) we will analyze the cons of both of these situations. Let's start with the first.

If you are still in love with your ex, and are currently having intimate relationships with him, the risks you run are:

  • Failing to get over the breakup
  • Don't be interested in meeting new people
  • Feel bad if you learn that your ex has had experiences with other people
  • Continue to feel that sense of "possessiveness" and jealousy typical of a couple
  • Extend intimate opportunities with the intent of winning him back

Well, it's all pretty normal, isn't it? If you have feelings towards your ex, or plan to win him back, I highly recommend you stop having sex with him / her.

On the other hand, if your relationships are peaceful and things have been made clear, it is just as normal that take less risk. Either way, I urge you not to underestimate the annoyance you would feel in knowing that he / she does not engage in intimate relationships only with you.

Sex with the ex: all the pros and cons

Don't love a person it does not mean that you are completely indifferent to it, especially when maybe there are years of relationship behind them. At the same time, and this is perhaps more true for women, it could lead to a bad relationship, because you don't know what path you are walking on.

Relationships based solely on sex do not last long, and above all they are not stable. Consequently, even if you are not sentimentally exposed, you are still "easy victimsOf any spark (positive or negative) that may ever be created in your "relationship".

Sex with ex: the pros

Having sex with your ex isn't just a barrage of problems and risks one after the other. If your relationships are truly clear and transparent, you have a chance to both benefit from moments under the sheets.

However, who better than your ex knows you intimately? This is one of the benefits of making love with an ex. Sure, we're only talking about a physical and contentment factor, but sex with the ex it has to be just that and nothing else.

Sex with the ex: all the pros and cons

At the same time, since you have already had your experiences together, you will not be afraid o shame to speak to you sincerely and openly about your moments of intimacy. If for both of us it's really just about physical fulfillment, you will have the opportunity to experience it to the fullest, telling you your wishes without too many hesitations.

Unfortunately, the pros of having sex with ex end there. As we said, since it is only physical pleasure, free from feeling, it is difficult to go in search of other "advantages". In short, it is one whim that you can keep taking off as long as you like and it doesn't hurt anyone.

Can having sex with your ex help you win him back?

As we have said since the beginning, if the intent of living moments of intimacy with your ex is to win him back, we are on the wrong track. Reconquest is a delicate, precious thing that must be studied and understood, especially if you really want to have a person back in your life.

Consequently, you won't be able to rely on carnal pleasures to win back your ex / your ex. Indeed, let's say it would be like throwing fuel on the fire. Going to bed with the intent to bring him / her back together will only make things worse, as well as the reconquest process.

Know that this speech is valid for every relationship that is over and for every person who intends to take back an ex in his arms, also and above all when the latter does not show signs of interest in a possible reunion.

If the other person is less involved than us, the risk we run is in a certain sense of being "exploited", and ending up getting hurt, very badly.

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