Remember the happy moments to help you deal with the bitter ones

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Life is precious. I have no doubts. But it also includes gods very bitter moments. These are those moments that follow the loss of a loved one, when we feel our world crumbling, breaking into a thousand pieces that we no longer know how to piece together, as if it were an overly complicated puzzle that is beyond our understanding. moments of intense physical pain, in which we would like to do nothing but abandon our body that seems to turn into a gigantic burden that we are unable to bear.When we feel bad, mentally or physically, we find it hard to be positive. No matter how many motivational phrases we read or how many self-help books pass through our hands, at that moment we only know that we are surrounded by a thick gray fog from which we do not know how to get out. our mind bringing us to the point of giving up, the best weapon we have is hope, supported by happy memories.

The good old days hold us up

When we look back and remember the happy moments we have lived, those experiences that we have shared with people who are important to us or that we have lived intensely, they turn into the fuel that gives us the energy needed to move forward. Therefore it is very important to always have a supply of happy memories that help us cope with the most difficult hours.These happy memories are not only an oasis of peace that gives us refuge in the storm, but also represent an incredible source of hope. However sad we may feel, if we look to the future with hope, if we are certain that tomorrow we will have experiences that deserve to be lived, we will find the strength to get out of the black hole, so it is very important not to waste the present. In fact, we should consider the present as a bank account in which to deposit good experiences, which we will need in the future to face difficult times. Build your tomorrow today, so make sure you create a solid foundation that can withstand any kind of emotional earthquake.

Feeling: The key to treasuring pleasant experiences

You don't need to do anything special to treasure happy memories, just learn to be aware of the here and now. When we learn to focus on the details and enjoy the little things, we are creating good experiences without even realizing it - just let the emotions flow. In fact, if you look over your shoulder, you will notice that the best moments of your life are those in which you felt happy, euphoric, grateful, alive ... It is simply about being more aware of what we are experiencing and becoming a kind of " emotion collectors ”, which will be the shield that protects us in the bitterest hours. Whenever something amazes and makes you vibrate, excite you or make you happy, do not move quickly in another direction. Stop for a moment to savor this experience, so it will remain registered somewhere in your brain and will become part of the thousand positive memories you have to look to the future with hope. So you know that the days to come are also loaded with beautiful experiences that are worth fighting for.

A trick to consolidate good memories

A study conducted at University College London reveals a very simple trick to consolidate happy memories in our brains. In the experiment, 26 people were asked to see some videos, some of which after seeing them quickly switched to another activity, while others dedicated at least 40 seconds to relive or summarize what they had seen, even only in their mind or to The researchers found that these 40 seconds made a difference. Indeed, the participants' brain scans showed increased activation in several areas, most notably in the posterior cingulate cortex, indicating that the brain was actively processing what it had just experienced. In people who did not reflect on the video, the memory of the video quickly disappeared.

How can we apply these results to our life?

When you live an experience that you want to remember, why it becomes part of this "kit of salvation" to face the sad moments, relive it in your mind, live those emotions again and recreate the situation. This way you will make sure it will stay in your memory for the future.
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