Relationship anxiety: what is it?

Relationship anxiety: what is it?

What is relationship anxiety about? How can it interfere with our private and social life? Can you be single despite the pressure of others?

Relationship anxiety: what is it?

Last update: April 30, 2022

Relationship anxiety often stems from the excessive importance given to the couple relationship. When you already have a partner, this feeling can result in relationship "preservation" anxiety regardless of what it offers.

Often this anxiety is amplified by the desire to reflect a given social model, determined to impose itself with implicit or hidden pressures.

Today we can count on several useful tools in search of a partner. However, even if we put them in place, we may not see the desired results.

See that some expectations are not met it can generate feelings of stress and frustration, coming, in the worst case, to generate severe states of anxiety and depression.

Relationship anxiety, what does it consist of?

We live in an accelerated society, where the pressure is high, defined by unattainable fees that overwhelm such intimate aspects as couple relationships.

In addition to being able to meet new people through our closest loved ones, today we have social networks that promote contact even with distant people. Yet none of this is a guarantee in terms of emotions and romantic relationships.

The myth of the soul mate and romantic love

Not having a partner causes some people to feel lonely. One of the most common problems is to relentlessly search for your soul mate.

It is a construct invented by society, for which you want to meet a person with ideal characteristics, without defects. This search for the sweetheart is due to the ideal of romantic love typical of the early stages of a relationship.

In this first phase, the desires or disappointed expectations of the other person are minimized or go unnoticed: the intensity of the emotions somehow produces a cognitive blindness.

Thus, most couples go through a phase of crisis when falling in love fades and leaves room for the challenge of realistic management of differences.

The context: when relationship anxiety is acquired

When a person feels that not having a partner is a problem, the context can amplify the anxiety caused by not finding "a solution". It may even be that some friends have started a relationship and this has resulted in a sense of abandonment.

The surrounding environment can even send out ambivalent messages that generate confusion, despair and anxiety. All this leads to establishing or maintaining any sentimental relationship to balance the ambivalence.

The person, therefore, increases the efforts to find that partner with whom to feel complete. In case you already have it and are afraid of losing it, Attempts to control it come into play to prevent one's fears from materializing.

The fear of not having a partner nowadays

Relationship anxiety can be so strong that it causes the person to tolerate extreme situations, including physical or psychological violence.

Some gifted people end up develop a strong emotional dependence due to the reinforcement obtained from the simple fact of having a partner.

We all know a person who ends a relationship and immediately begins another. This emotional roller coaster usually complicates grief processing and prompts you to choose options that in other situations we would have discarded.

Furthermore, this dynamic prevents you from analyze what happened and learn from the previous relationship. 

Cosa possiamo fare?

In some cases, the intervention of a professional will be necessary. In others, doing solo activities may awaken the need to be alone. A circumstance that will turn in favor of self-discovery.

Managing relationship anxiety isn't easy. But ask yourself how many times have you been in the relationship yourself.

How many times have you had to give up on yourself to please your partner? or how much have you invested in terms of time, health and personal safety?

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