Persuasion techniques: the power of swearing

Le persuasion techniques are various, ea
sometimes these depend on responses that come directly from the unconscious.
For example, utter, perhaps shouting, cursing at the beginning or at the
end of a speech can make our interlocutor accept what
we wish to communicate. In fact, the
lack of passion is fatal when trying to persuade an audience to
accept our point of view. It is said that the listener can forgive
that the arguments are presented without logic or common thread, even that
the same are unsustainable, but does not forgive the fact that those who present them do not
believe in the same. An unconventional persuasive technique is to raise the
emotional tone of speech through the use of expletives, even if you run
the risk of this making us appear less professional. To analyze how
swearing can affect the change of attitude, Scherer e
Sagarin, Northern psychologists
Illinois University divided 88 students into three groups and exposed them to
several speeches. The only difference between the speeches was that in some of them
a few mild curses were uttered. For example, the
first speech included the curse in the middle of the sentence: “… reduce the price of teaching not
it's just a good idea. Curse! It is also the most reasonable solution for
all parties involved. " The second speech included swearing
at the end of the idea while that the third speech did not include this word. Curiously, i
researchers appreciated that the swearing increased the interest of the audience
on the subject and at the same time, this meant that the speaker was perceived
as a major compromise with the discourse. Researchers
they conclude that an expletive inserted adequately in the speech can
represent a very useful persuasive technique to persuade the public, however
the simple fact that people consider the speaker to be more compromised
emotionally with the idea he tries to convey. Furthermore, we add that the
swearing can not only exert a persuasive power but sometimes the
blasphemy is also a powerful analgesic ...
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