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    Persuasion techniques: which is the best?

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    Joe Dispenza

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    Today many people indiscriminately use the phrases “I
    I think "and" I feel ". However, some specialists claim that the use
    predominant "I think" indicates a highly rational and logical person
    while the prevalence of "I feel" applies more to an emotional person.

    But ... if we refer to persuasion techniques, it is better to do it
    lead by emotions or logical thinking? This is precisely the question that
    two psychologists from the universities of Illinois and Stanford have placed themselves, Mayer
    and Tormala respectively, stating that even if the differences between "I think"
    and "I feel" are very subtle, these have different effects if they come
    analyzed from the point of view of persuasion. At first, the researchers analyzed the trends
    innate of a total of 65 people, evaluating if these had a tendency to
    express oneself in an eminently emotional or rational way. For this purpose they were analyzed
    their speeches looking for words that act as emotional indicators such as: "unpleasant"
    and "comforting", or words that perform rational functions such as "useful" and "profitable". Subsequently, each person read only one of two
    different messages with which attempts were made to persuade them to donate blood. The only one
    the difference between the two messages was that in one the phrase "I think" was used
    while in the other "I feel" was used. Afterwards he went on to ask everyone
    if he were willing to donate blood. As you can imagine, the people who showed themselves
    more rational in their speech they let themselves be convinced by the message where yes
    he used "I think" while the more emotional people used "I feel". Like this,
    this study shows us that to persuade someone it is necessary to put oneself at the
    his place, take his point of view and elaborate the speech starting from
    this. In the same way it could be appreciated as a rule
    general that women preferred a more emotional speech while men
    they were more rational. Of course, it must be said, that many times people over
    to the preferences used in the speech, they need a lot of rationality
    how much of emotionality and that both aspects are part of our personality
    so that it is difficult to separate them.
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