Myprotein: many supplements and offers to save during Black Friday

Myprotein: many supplements and offers to save during Black Friday

With over 10 years of experience, Myprotein is the leading site in Europe for sports food supplements. Among the reasons for its success there are certainly the undisputed quality of the products, a wide range of items available and the possibility of ordering them online and receiving them comfortably at home, thanks to one of the most efficient sales and assistance services.

Last but not least, the excellent value for money. Myprotein always offers competitive prices, thanks also to numerous savings possibilities throughout the year.

But it is on Black Friday that the store presents the most advantageous offers, with discounts on the entire catalog.

But when do Black Friday offers generally start and what are the Black Friday discount codes to take advantage of? The date set for Black Friday is Friday 29 November, but on the Myprotein shop it is already possible to register for early access to the offers.

Myprotein pancake: which ingredients to buy online?

When it comes to supplements, everyone immediately thinks of the snacks to be taken between meals - such as, for example, the Myprotein bars - or the powder solutions used by athletes.

Not everyone knows, however, that thanks to the ingredients of Myprotein it is also possible to create tasty low-calorie recipes that take care of your physical shape. One among all? Pancakes, great for breakfast, for which you can buy various items online such as Impact Whey protein, Myprotein oats and Myprotein peanut butter - available in a creamy solution.

But for proteins which flavor should you choose? Depending on your preferences: between Chocolate, Taste Cake, Vanilla, Cream & Strawberry and Orange Crème, in fact, you can indulge yourself in creating many pancakes of different flavors without spared any expense, taking advantage of an advantageous Myprotein Discount Code B

Myprotein proteins: the best for every need

If, as we have seen, proteins are a necessary ingredient for the creation of low-calorie recipes, it is also possible to take them in pure form for different purposes and needs. The site, for example, divides the products through a drop-down menu that allows you to find items based on the range - proteins, vitamins - the target - Muscle mass, Weight loss, Wellness, Sports performance - or the diet.

For example, those who follow a vegetarian or vegan diet know how important it is to compensate for the proteins generally consumed through meat. Myprotein has thought of a line specifically dedicated to them, but also to those suffering from lactose or gluten intolerances.

Whey protein

A separate discussion should be made for the proteins of the Whey line. These are milk proteins produced with the best quality whey that guarantee high protein and amino acid support. This type of supplement is ideal for post-sports intake, as it is absorbed very quickly.

Impact Whey are available in two formulations:

  • the WPI - Whey Protein Isolate, with a protein intake of 96%
  • the WPH - Whey Protein Hydrolysed, the latest generation protein powder
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