Myprotein creatine: which one to choose and how to save

Myprotein creatine: which one to choose and how to save

Those who do sports know it well: creatine is one of the most useful and popular supplements on the market. This is because it is able to increase physical performance and is particularly valid for those who undergo high-intensity workouts that require explosive movements. It is therefore ideal for sports such as bodybuilding, powerlifting, sprinting and rugby.

But what kind of creatine to use? In capsules or powder, there are different types on the market. Myprotein, for example, has a large selection that includes Myprotein alkaline creatine, gluconate creatine, but also a very pure line like Creapure creatine and several creatine-based supplements and blends. Ready to discover them all? For those who take advantage of the Myprotein discounts there is the possibility to save 50% on the list of amino acids, vitamins and creatine and 35% on all other supplements.

The best blend with creatine gluconate Myprotein

Creatine Blend is a powder blend that contains three different types of creatine of the highest quality, tested to make athletic performance explosive.

The formula includes:

  • Myprotein creatine monohydrate, one of the most studied in the world
  • Creatine gluconate, a creatine molecule linked to a glucose molecule
  • Creatine ethyl ester HCI which binds to a fat soluble ethanol ester and has rapid absorption

But what is the recommended dose? And when should it be taken? For an optimal result, the suggestion is to take three grams of Creatine Blend immediately after training. And for those who want to maximize results - and develop muscle mass - we recommend combining a protein shake or, again from the Myprotein line, the Impact Whey which contain 21 grams of protein and are created with top quality whey.

Creatine Creapure Myprotein: the purest?

Myprotein Creatine Creapure® is the most genuine form of creatine monohydrate that exists on the market. Subjected to rigorous testing, its purity value is 99,99%.

Available in four different flavors - Unflavoured (with three-gram single doses), Berry Blust, Blue Raspberry and Tropical with 0,75g servings - Creapure is perfect for creating tasty protein shakes. If creatine, in fact, is ideal for restoring vigor before and after training, it is proteins that favor the increase and maintenance of muscle mass.

But how to use it? Just mix three grams of product, with the special Myprotein creatine measuring cup, with a shake of the Total Protein Blend (which contains seven different types of proteins), to immediately get the benefits. Or dissolve the same amount in water, milk or fruit juice. 

And the hiring? The ideal is to take the smoothie immediately before or after training.


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