META Weight Loss Protocol: What is the META Diet and How It Works

META Weight Loss Protocol: What is the META Diet and How It Works

When you are overweight and set yourself the goal of getting into shape, roads that can be taken to do so they are different. There is no surefire way for success, a lot depends on the starting condition, on personal motivation, on what you are willing to do, on the results you want to achieve and on the time you are willing to invest to reach the goal.

These are just some of the aspects to take into consideration when deciding to take a weight loss course, in which diet is only one of the elements.

One of the latest trends in terms of remise en forme, is the META method, Medical Education Transform Action, a protocol developed by dietician Monica Germani, who has been applying it for over five years.

Another new, more conscious approach to food is the Nutritional Plan method. 

Other diets quite in vogue are the Paleo, the Cheto and the pescetariana.

Please note:

Before deciding to follow any type of diet, it is essential to go to a competent doctor who can guide the patient along this path. It is never desirable to apply the "do it yourself" method to diets, medical supervision is always required.

What is the META method

Il metodo META it is not based on the idea that the first thing to do to lose weight is to cut calories sharply. The basic belief is instead broader, e it embraces the well-being of the person as a whole. Often you start doing a diet inspired by a specific model or aesthetic stereotypes coming from the outside, without dwelling on yourself and your physicality. The META method, on the other hand, starts from the certainty that acceptance of the body and of its own nature be basic for the construction of a positive and harmonious self-image.

META Protocol: Approach

This method can be applied to anyone and more than a diet we are talking about a protocol aimed at the total psycho-physical transformation of the person overweight, to be achieved thanks to a series of therapeutic steps designed to act on the body but also on the mind. The method works on any level of overweight, from the mild to the most severe forms of obesity, and the reason is due to the fact that it is a extremely personalized approach.

The team of experts who follows the patient, in fact, builds on him the best path to rebalance the body weight, mixing moments of reflection aimed at acceptance and physical re-education, the use of innovative techniques resulting from the most advanced research.

Because the weight is not the most important aspect

In most weight loss programs, the starting weight and the target weight are very important. In the META method, on the other hand, the weight is framed in a broader view, also taking into account its link with history and culture and with emotional and psychological aspects that are often little considered. Faced with several extra kilos, in fact, a discomfort can be hidden, not necessarily serious, but still existing and on which to work, even before taking care of what you put on your plate.

Once all these elements have been put together, with the META method we try to direct the patient towards an educational path that combines the care of the external appearance and physical and mental health.

How the META protocol works

This method is very distant from traditional diets because it does not aim to make people lose weight, but to bring them back into balance, obviously also through weight loss.

Nutrition experts of this method, first of all try to raise awareness to the patient or the patient what their strengths are, given that the wrong perception of the body in front of the mirror is one of the first insecurities to unhinge.

Next comes lifestyle analyzed, time that the subject can make available after work and the attitudes personal, proposing actions that do not go in the opposite direction but that can best be included in the US everyday. For example, imposing endless cardio sessions on those who normally marry an extremely sedentary life is counterproductive because it is an action perceived as a forcing and that will hardly be maintained for a long time.

Only after passing this do we move on to nutritional claims real, too not standardized but designed to bring the person to his best state of well-being, following his nature. It is essential to achieve the right ratio and the right body composition but if you tend to be curvy it is useless to aim for a small size at all costs.

Getting to this moment can be an immediate but also a long process, depending on the time it takes for everyone to enter the dimension of change, both internal and external.

Scientific basis of the META Protocol

In addition to introspection, the META method is based on one solid scientific basis. The starting point of the treatment, in fact, is a saliva sampling that analyzes DNA and provides information on the biochemistry of each body, in order to understand, depending on the genetic predisposition of each, which actions to suggest. At the origin of this method, also the scientific knowledge deriving from the discovery of leptin, from which we began to study the human genome under the metabolic aspect.

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