Maple syrup for weight loss, truth or legend?

Maple syrup for weight loss, truth or legend?

Maple syrup it came to us initially as a kind of sweetener that we learned about as soon as in the eighties there was talk of excessive refining of white sugar and of contraindications on its use for our health; it is also a honey substitute for those who have embraced vegan culture.

From America, especially Canada, maple syrup came like substitute to sweeten our drinks and initially found a lot of success simply for this use.

Over time, knowledge on this has grown sap and some of them have been highlighted beneficial properties for our body.


Does Maple Syrup make you lose weight?

The question posed in these terms provides for a concise answer and a more reasoned one, in order not to create confusion and false myths. No, maple syrup doesn't make you lose weight! It's a bit like those who indulge in gargantuan, high-calorie meals and then use the sweetener!

Maple syrup does not absorb fats, does not eliminate sugars, does not remove the sense of hunger. None of this.


Does Maple Syrup support the weight loss process?

Yes! Maple syrup is a powerful ally when you decide to detoxify our body, to follow a balanced diet and to check the glycemic index.

Let's see better all its properties: rich in mineral salts such as potassium, magnesium, iron, calcium and B vitamins (B1, B2, B5 and B6), it also contains antioxidant compounds for cell regeneration and protection, malic acid and simple sugars; it is therefore a valid supplement with a re-energizing effect.

Supports the metabolism reactivating it gradually without sudden changes for the endocrine system, thus favors the thermogenesis going to "burn the fat accumulated in the body". It carries out adiuretic action and purifying and removes stagnation of liquids. These effects if accompanied by a correct and well balanced diet are valid allies for weight control.


Maple syrup for weight loss: some advice

There are some indications on possible uses of the Maple syrup as a substitute for meals to lose weight quickly.

As a naturopath I strongly advise against do-it-yourself diets, meal suppression in favor of maple syrup-based shakes. This is never the right way because we would trigger strong chemical imbalances with serious consequences.

Instead, we prefer frugal meals several times a day, fruits and vegetables far from carbohydrates and proteins, carbohydrates only during the day and not in the evening, drink plenty of water throughout the day with maple syrup, and pamper ourselves with a few pieces of dark chocolate.

These are generic indications that we should all respect and not a diet, for which there are specialized professionals to turn to in case of need.


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