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    Male homosexuality in different cultures

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    Louise Hay

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    Not all cultures view homosexuality in the same way. Currently, especially in cosmopolitan cities it is an accepted reality and many consider themselves modern as homosexuals. But ... how modern are we really? How is male homosexuality viewed in other cultures?

    In the wogweos and dahomeyanos tribes of Africa, homosexual practices consist of episodes of mutual masturbation. Crow Indians in North America practice hole-genital contact. The siwanos of North Africa engage in homosexual and heterosexual relationships naturally. Among these people, men who do not enjoy anal sex are accused of being snobbish and squeamish. At the same time, homosexual conquests are discussed without any shame. Among the ticuna in the Amazonian jungle, homosexuality is daily bread, thus breaking the most ancestral taboos made with the classical family.However, in the sampoil tribe always in North America, effeminate children are severely punished and at the same time even the Bedouins condemn offenders to death It must be said that although there are some countries in which same-sex marriages are allowed and accepted, there are still cities that are part of our apparently modern and uninhibited civilization in which homosexuality is considered a disease and the people who are "affected" are socially excluded, even going so far as to physical violence.

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