Love poems: saying I love you in a conscious way

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Louise Hay

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Ever since I was a boy I've always liked it to write poetry.

Obviously over time the way I composed my verses has changed a lot and from an immature "love" made up of demands and needs (I can't live without you), I have come to a true love, authentic, where I don't need you, but choose to love you.

Over time I realized that we cannot love people if we need them. This is the essence of emotional independence, the indispensable starting point for learning to love.

It is no coincidence that I opened one School of Emotional Independence: if you want to become happy and truly love those around you, you have to get there.


Love poems: choose the one you like best!

On this page I want to share not only my words, but also my voice and my sensitivity through the poems I have written (and write) and the videos that I have personally made and in which I read my verses.

You will then be able to dedicate these words, or even music and images, to those you care about. Of course, some poems were born in an idea of ​​a couple, but love is not a relationship, and it engages everyone when it is truly authentic.

Happy reading, good vision 😉


With you I will be wrong

A few simple words to explain that love is not perfection.


I'll be wrong with you.
There will be days when I can't understand you,
situations in which I will not be able to console you,
moments when you might feel like the person furthest away from you.

You will be angry for some gesture or word of mine,
you will be disappointed because I will not do what you want,
maybe I will act just like I promised you I would never act.

With you I will be wrong, but behind my every mistake remember that I will never stop loving you.

Even when I can't prove it, I will continue to love you.

And even if you decide to get away from me, my love will have no end because I have chosen to love you,
I have chosen to be an apprentice of love, and no matter how many mistakes I may make, I will never stop learning.


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