Looking for Protein Bulk Powders? Celebrate your birthday too

Holidays are far away and it's time to get back on the road. There are those who resume sporting activities already interrupted before departure and those who, on the other hand, take advantage of September to try their hand at a new discipline.

In both cases, the best way to get back into shape quickly is to combine exercise with a healthy and balanced diet that provides the right amount of vitamins and proteins. Specifically, proteins are essential for increasing muscle mass. Those of whey, then, are also ideal in case of lactose intolerance.

Bulk Powders is the reference point for the online sale of sports supplements. Born 13 years ago from the idea of ​​two English university students, today it sells directly in 13 different countries and can count on a range of top quality products such as Whey protein, pure whey proteins, available in different packages, flavors and types.

Do you want to buy them at affordable prices? Take advantage of the special Bulk Powders Discount Code that the store has created to celebrate its birthday.

Whey protein: what are they?

Whey protein - pure whey protein - is a concentrate made up of 82% protein, glutamine and BCAAs. Thanks to the low fat, carbohydrate and lactose content, they are perfect for those who want to increase their protein intake but are intolerant to milk.

Currently on the market there are different types and tastes. Those of Bulk Powders, in addition to being the best-selling product on the site, have earned an important recognition among the best sports nutrition brands: the Golden Award for "Best Whey Protein". But how many types exist and when is it convenient to use them?

When to take whey protein throughout the day?

Hydrolyzed, isolated, Pure 90 or 97, Informed: the Bulk Powders range includes different types of Whey proteins that vary in degree of purity and type of absorption.

In general, whey proteins are absorbed by the body very quickly: this is why it is advisable to take them as soon as you wake up - before breakfast - or immediately after exercise (perhaps in double ration). But also before activity, between meals (to always maintain an adequate supply of amino acids) or before going to sleep.

The hydrolyzed protein bulk powders and the isolated protein bulk powders are the fastest digesting form on the market: this is why they guarantee rapid recovery after activity and can be easily combined with other nutrients.

But is eating whey protein every day bad for you?

We have already seen what are the ideal times, in the space of a day, to take protein. But another question that often arises is: what is the indicated dose? And how many times is it possible to take it in 24 hours?

Obviously, since it is a supplement that compensates or - in fact - integrates the diet, there is no universal answer. The amount depends on the protein needs of your body. The advice, in general, is to take 1 measuring spoon of 30 g - to be dissolved in 200 ml of water - 1 to 5 times a day.

For those who intend to build muscle mass, the ideal is to take at least 2 g for every kg of body weight. So, for example, an 80kg person will need 160g of protein bulk powders.

Saving with taste? 1kg of chocolate Pure Whey Protein

Those who usually take food supplements and for sport know how much the "taste" speech is of fundamental importance. Bulk Powders has thought of 23 different aromas, to meet everyone's preferences.

Of these, chocolate is the most popular, available in 9 variants: simple, with orange, with caramel, with peanuts, Chocolate biscuits, white, with coconut, with mint, with honey. And what about the packaging?

You can start testing a new taste in the practical 500 g or 1 kg packs. On the other hand, those who immediately aim for the maxi format can also buy 2,5 kg and 5 kg bags online.


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