Knowing how to love: from the shower cap to everything else

Knowing how to love is it that difficult and challenging?

Today I was taking a shower when I noticed that the water was struggling to get through the drain plug. I've been watching him for a while absently immersed in quite other thoughts.

Then the question arose as to whether it was better to unclog it.

Well, whoever made me do it at the bottom, the water passed and certainly nothing would have happened if I left it like that for a while.

But I was torn.
Something was wrong, I knew it wasn't the right thing to do.

So I thought: if I were that cork, what would I want to receive?

I didn't really want to clean it after all it was my time and I was relaxing.

Then I asked myself: how much does this gesture cost me, can I give up my relaxation, my pleasure and commit myself to cleaning the drain? Yes I can.

I fixed it and it must have taken 40 seconds.
No I say, 40 seconds!

But this 40-second gesture made me feel good for several minutes. It made me feel good for giving love to the shower drain plug!


Knowing how to love through small gestures

How many small gestures we can do in our days, but we don't do it because it seems to weigh us down just because we don't feel like it either we think we have better things to do?

How many days pass absently before our bored, disinterested and apathetic eyes?

And how many opportunities to love do we waste through blindness and selfishness?

To be happy we must knowing how to love, fill time with that emotion of joy, peace, strength and justice that you feel by making small imperceptible and apparently insignificant gestures, but which at the end of the day can fill time with colors!

Let's not waste every tiny opportunity for give what we would like to receive, let's get used to always doing it in the little everyday things.

Not knowing how to love is a habit.

One might think that to be happy it is necessary to make enormous gestures of love and overcome who knows what trials, but if we lose the little everyday things how can we hope to learn to love people?
Where will we find the strength to do this in difficult situations?


Not knowing how to love depends on our choice

I didn't hug my dad since I was a child, I'm not sure why, but he made me feel strong and independent. So I got used to not doing it.

There have been occasions when I really wanted to hug him.

Difficult moments for him, moments in which my embrace would have given him a sense of priceless love. But I didn't. I didn't have the strength.

One day, having to leave home for about a week, I went to greet my grandfather, who was old and tired. I had never hugged him either, but that day I did.

Before my return my grandfather died.

How I thanked God for giving me the strength to do that simple gesture!

How could I continue not to hug my dad?
How could I continue to waste that precious time?

So, day by day I began to cultivate this strength, to grow the ability to know how to love everything, to love everyone and in every situation.

And finally I hugged my father.

Big business is won when you know how to dominate small battles just as a good day is built with the sum of small things and a good life with the sum of good days.

Don't wait for the best time to love, it may not be there.


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