How to tell if it's true love (100% foolproof test)

Today I'll explain how to understand if yours is true love (on another page I also explained how to tell if a person loves you).
Read carefully and sit comfortably, or comfortably, because the result of the next few minutes could be shocking, for better or for worse.

Comfortable? Comfortable?
Let's begin.

If you love someone so much, would you ever want them to feel bad?
In theory.

Yet many, in a relationship in which they feel they love someone strongly, wish that alone, this someone, without them, feel bad.

You've never hoped for a person you cared about was sick without you, to understand how important you were?

But maybe you happened to take pleasure in knowing that without you he was hurting, wasn't happy just because you weren't there.

You don't have to answer this question.
You know the answer well.
No one else needs to know.


True love: can you love who you hope will suffer without you?

How to tell if it's true love (100% foolproof test)
Is it possible that we love someone so much from be happy if he's sick without us?
Is it possible that I love you so much that I smile at your suffering?

Of course, the meaning of this thing is deeper: it means that this person cares about you, that he loves you, and that therefore you can live happily ever after.

Ok, stop for a second and let's reverse the parts.

What if the person who says he loves you is happy that you are sick without him?
Imagine her saying to you, “I'm happy without me you feel bad and you suffer, I love you so much!".

Do you run to meet her and jump around her neck?
Or you ask yourself: "But how, you say you love me and are you happy if I feel bad and I suffer?!?".

Do you think that we live in a society so foolish that it teaches us that if we love someone we must suffer for this person and then if others don't suffer for us, obviously, it means they don't love us enough.

Yes, and so they deceived us by teaching us that love hurts.
In reality the problem is that we are tremendously selfish.

But why should I like it if you feel bad without me?

For one reason only: you will need me to be well.
And so I will have you, what I want.

Then there is a moment when you do not like that others are sick without you: when you don't want to be with them 😀

And so in the end, when you understand what I'm saying, with a horrified look you realize that what makes you feel good is not that they love you, but that you get what you want.

Stop and take my selfishness test now.

It will allow you to understand if (and to what extent) you are a selfish person.
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How to tell if what you feel is love (infallible test)

How to tell if it's true love (100% foolproof test)
Do you want the presence of a person?
So if he's sick without you, you're happy.
Why does it mean that she needs you and you will have her presence.

Don't you want this presence?
Then you do not gain anything if you are sick, indeed, it can become a problem that you have no intention of taking care of.

Here's a quick test to tell if you love a person: do you want me to be happy?
Do you want me to be happy even without you?

If the answer is no, then you don't love, but you expect e you need of this person.
If, on the other hand, you want her happiness, maybe you really love.

Yes, because if you feel bad, if you can't be happy without this person, most likely you want her happiness, perhaps rationally, but in fact you need her anyway.
You don't insist, you don't show it, but it is need, not love.

To love I have to open up and give.
If I am afraid and I suffer I close myself and I demand.

If you can't be happy without me, you certainly won't be able to love me.

And so you realize that the test of your love is that you are already happy.
And that you are happy that I am happy, with or without you.

Love is joy.
And this joy does not exclude anyone.
Here then you love.

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