How to rekindle the passion: 5 practical tips to find it again

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How to rekindle the passion in the couple?

Within a relationship, however happy and perfect it may have been, it is possible that the two partners find themselves experiencing a moment of detachment caused by the lack of passion, intimacy e involvement.

In short, couples who have been together for many years, who live together or who are married can experience these phases several times over time. Therefore, it is a problem common and also understandable.

At first it's all new, exciting and passionate, but with time, routine, stress (and much more), the couple can find themselves wondering. how to rekindle the passion.

Well, if you are asking yourself this question, know that here you will find all the answers you were looking for. Together we will understand why passion tends to fade and, above all, we will see what you have to do (together with your partner) to be able to turn on again.

Rekindling the Passion: Why Does It Fade?

Before seeing how to rekindle the spark in a couple it is important to understand how and why it fades. Passion tends to tend to diminish with the course of time, but this does not necessarily happen only in couples who have been married for many years.

You can experience a decline in passion even after 1-2 years of relationship, especially if it is involved convivenza. Going to stay under the same roof is something that makes the two partners live on the wave of enthusiasm for the first period, but then there is the risk that routine takes over and things change.

In fact, a few months are enough for find yourself doing the same things over and over again, to feel bored and to end up watching a television series on the sofa every night.

What wears out the couple is precisely the routine, the habit, the monotony. In a short time the passion fades because there is nothing left to be excited about, and so you end up terribly bored.

The same happens under the covers: sex becomes predictable and routine, no longer causing that emotion and involvement that existed during the first months of dating. This is why, usually, we also ask ourselves how to rekindle the passion in bed.

However, if you have found that your couple needs to reignite the spark, you can take it easy. The greater damagein fact, it occurs when the two partners do not even realize that they are living in a flat and uninspired relationship.

How to rekindle the passion

Given that you have realized that you need to rekindle love, passion and enthusiasm, now we can move on to the gist of the discussion. Becoming aware of the problem is already a big step forward, but not sufficient.

In order for you to settle things between you it is very important that work together as a team, because alone you will not be able to make who knows what progress. So, as we will see, one of the essential aspects to rekindle the passion is the dialogue.

You both have to be aware of the period you are living, because only in this way can you huddle against the exhausting routine of the couple. Let's see together some tips that will come in handy in this delicate moment of your life:

1. Avoid monotony

The first thing to do to rekindle the passion is to make sure that the couple themselves can return to live on the wave of enthusiasm. In fact, as we have seen before, monotony, boredom and routine can have devastating effects.

Therefore, to rekindle the passion between two partners it is necessary that they return to look at each other with new, enthusiastic eyes. To do this it is necessary that both of you put yourselves in the perspective of living New experiences e sensations together.

Maybe organizing a weekend out of town every now and then, visiting new places or deciding to change restaurants every week. In short, do anything that can be considered one news within your couple.

2. Talk to each other with an open heart

When the couple undergoes a moment of down it is very likely that the two partners feel very distant from each other, even if only for what concerns the communication. The latter, however, as we know, is essential for the well-being of the relationship.

To rekindle the passion, therefore, you will have to put yourself in the perspective of talking to each other and of be honest with you, so that both of you know how the other is doing, what he thinks, what he would like and also what he lacks.

If you fail to establish a good dialogue it is practically impossible that you will be able to rekindle the lost passion and that you can go back to being accomplices within your own relationship.

3. Look back

To rekindle the spark in a couple it is important that the two partners know how to recognize what they have experienced together, and beyond. It is one thing to recognize it on a rational level, another is to look back with love thinking back to everything that has been shared.

The experiences, the travels, the surprises, the intimacy, the happiness. When you want to rekindle your passion, you need to remember what are the roots of its history, remembering how happy we were together.

Now you are experiencing a moment that is a bit flat maybe, but look how far you have come together, how much you have loved each other and how much you have managed to be happy. Appreciate what has been in order to safeguard what will be.

4. Spend quality time together

This you may think is another way of telling you to avoid monotony within your relationship, but that's not really the case. Sure, it is important to include some new things in your relationship, but just as it is important that you succeed find yourselves accomplices.

And to do this it is not necessary to organize "big things", but to seek di have a good time together, maybe doing something you've always enjoyed doing and haven't done for a long time (cooking together, gardening, updating your photo albums).

In short, do not make the mistake of thinking that it is enough to change the restaurant and make an extra weekend to rekindle the passion in the couple. You have to do something that can make you feel united, neighbors ed intimate, even in everyday life.

5. Create the right context to foster intimacy

When the passion in a couple fades, it is very likely that it is also necessary rekindle the passion in bed. This is a very delicate matter, since none of us work in a "mechanical" way.

Sexual desire is the litmus test of how the relationship is going, and if it is missing, it means that the two partners are finding themselves in a relationship. unfavorable context. In addition to sex, hugs, kisses and hugs are most likely missing as well.

To rekindle the passion under the sheets, therefore, first you will have to make sure to return to look at you with sweet and eager eyes out of bed. Desire is something that does not come back suddenly, but that resurfaces thanks to your closeness.

Rekindling the passion of the couple: conclusions

This guide comes to an end and I hope you have been able to find some interesting insights to understand how to rekindle the spark within your couple. However, I genuinely want to reassure you.

Know that there are no two partners who do not experience what you are experiencing today, because as we said at the beginning, the lack of passion is a problem that is as common as it is understandable.

The important thing is to recognize that you have a problem and, above all, to have the desire to intervene together in order to give your relationship a future. Difficulties do not resolve themselves: there is a need for a solid and loving couple.

So unite, talk to each other, acknowledge what you have built together and, if what you want it is find yourselves united as in the past, put into practice the advice we saw together today. I wish you sincere good luck!

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