Hazelnuts, properties and how to use them

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Le hazelnuts they are the fruit of the hazel tree (Corylus avellana). Rich in vitamins and mineral salts, they are very nourishing, energetic and useful against cardiovascular disorders. Let's find out better.

> Main nutrients of hazelnuts

> The properties

> Hazelnuts in the kitchen


Main nutrients of hazelnuts

Like all dried fruit, too le hazelnuts they are an excellent source of "good" fats (monounsaturated and polyunsaturated) and among these we also find the precious linolenic acid (omega 3).

The calories contained in hazelnuts are 628 per 100 g. Hazelnuts are rich in vitamins (E, B1, B6, B9) and are a good reserve of mineral salts such as iron, copper, football e manganese.


The property

Of all the oil seeds, hazelnuts are the easiest digestible and are distinguished by the high content of vitamin E, natural antioxidant par excellence that counteracts the action of free radicals and helps to preserve beauty and health.

Hazelnuts are really a lot of fruit energetic, remineralizing and nourishingThey are therefore perfect in periods of convalescence, for those who practice sports or for those who feel tired and down in tone, both physically and mentally.

Habitually consuming hazelnuts (and dried fruit in general) helps prevent cardiovascular disorders and to fight LDL cholesterol, better known as "bad" cholesterol.

L'oil obtained from hazelnuts, due to its organoleptic, nourishing and emollient properties, it is widely used for massages: has a toning action and is curative in the case of erythema or eczema. Great for nourishing the delicate skin of babies.


Also discover hazelnut oil as a skin remedy


Hazelnuts in the kitchen

Hazelnuts are very popular as a natural snack and used for the preparation of sauces, desserts and creams.

The pairing hazelnut-cocoa it is the basis of many desserts and we also find it in greedy ones Gianduja creams to spread on bread or to be enjoyed with a spoon (excellent seems to pamper yourself a little and keep depression away!) or in chocolate bars And in the classic Christmas nougats.

The famous is obtained by chopping the hazelnuts grains of hazelnuts, delicious and versatile, with which you can enrich (decorate!) ice cream, sweets and cakes or prepare a paste similar to that of almonds.
The chopped hazelnuts are not only suitable for desserts, they can also be used creatively for original savory recipes.

The cultivation of hazelnuts in the country is concentrated in 4 regions: Lazio, Campania, Piedmont and Sicily. The variety known as ''Tonda gentile romana'' produced in the province of Viterbo.

A curiosity: in Anglo-Saxon countries, in particular in the United States, "witch hazel"(Hazel witch) is the most common name for witches in comics or fictional stories.
Probably the attribution of the name "hazelnut" to witches comes from the fact that the Celts considered the hazel tree to be a magical tree, symbol of wisdom and often used hazelnuts in their divination rites.

Sometimes it can be difficult to remove the skin that surrounds the freshest hazelnuts, so here is a practical advice: put the hazelnuts in the oven to dry them and then wrap them in a cloth rubbing them.



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